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By "rich white people" I assume you mean the jews?

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You wrote earlier : "The racism has gotta go. I have tons of solid Jewish friends. They aren't all rich..."

Your comment got negative 12 votes, as many of your jewish sympathy posts attract such negative attention.

Somehow "racism" is a bad thing to you that "has to go".

I think undermining the last few White countries and invading them and promoting more Jewish importation into Iceland, and other nordic countries for "Diversity" ...


Anyone that disagrees with your jewish sympathy is a Nazi to you.

You seem to also be a bernie socialist.

I am surprised why you don't read more economics books and history books.

A lot of Jews I know KNOW what jews have done, even to their own people.

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Nah dude I agree with you on that. Israel is putting up fucking walls and they don’t want tons of unskilled immigrants. America should do the same.

In fact, we should halt ALL immigration until we see an uptic in the middle class and people get higher wages. I don’t want any new people in this country until that happens.

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We been over this.

The tories and lords arent kikes, but still selling their people.

There are white traitors fucking us, di you think hillary is a jew ? Wake the fuck up.

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JIDF is sure stepping up their game recently. Did daddy Georgie drop off a "higher living wage" for you? How can (((you people))) sit there and defend socialist ideals while feigning patriotism in your next breath?

Oy vey, we've been over this! Paint the whites as bad and let multiculturalism take over your homeland, goy!

Watch as the jew screeches out in pain as it lashes out at me over this comment.

You might as well shut this psyop down because the goyim fucking know.

Smartest race on earth my ass. Fucking Neanderthals.


Edit: OOOOYYYYYY VVVEEEEYYYYY!!! I sure rustled some sheckles in those pockets didnt i

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Hillary is a reptile

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Kill yourself immediately.

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LOL, Jesus. Fucking savage.

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HAHASHAHAHhashahaha of course he does my fellow white peoples

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Love you, too, even if you are a emotionally controlled, unable to critically think dumbass who thinks society gets better by stealing from the productive to give to the unproductive, and then once you get your way, wonder why things are so unproductive -- you are incenting the wrong things.

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The one downvote on this gave me a chuckle.

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You're uneducated

Some of the most educated people on the internet, but we're uneducated? I'm guessing you'd go to a University to find (((education))).


Thought crime made up by a Jew in 1927 and never even considered a bad thing by races until MUCH later when Jews controlled our media and educational systems, and browbeat it into us. Racists are correct far more often than multicultural limp-dicked faggots.

You blame everything on blacks/jews and refuse to acknowledge the impact of the rich white people in charge of corporations shipping most of our jobs overseas, shipping our technology and ideas overseas (effectively giving other countries free education in mass production and design of things), and you hate Bernie, who's been fighting for higher wages, more affordable heathcare and education for majority of the population for three decades.

Oh, so you're a Jew.

Jews accuse whites of blaming everything on them while Jews blame everything on whites. One of those groups is correct; I bet you pick the wrong one.

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Fellow white people...

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Remember that Trotsky didn’t invent the term.

There is an urban legend that has been floating around for some years now that the word racist was coined by Leon Trotsky for the purpose of cowing and intimidating opponents of leftist ideology. In History of the Russian Revolution, Trotsky applied the word racist to Slavophiles, who opposed Communism. Did Trotsky really invent that word? No, apparently not. The work in which Trotsky is supposed to have coined that word was written and published in Russian in 1930. I found several examples of the French form, raciste, preceding Trotsky’s use of the word by far. I find pensée raciste (French for “racist thought”) and individualité raciste (“racist individuality”) in the volume of La Terro d’oc: revisto felibrenco e federalisto (a periodical championing the cultural and ethnic identity of people in southern France) for the year 1906. Here the word racist was used without a hint of negativity:

Je forme des voeux pour la réussité de vos projets, car je suis persuadé que, dans cette fédération des peuples de Langue d’Oc luttant pour leurs intérêts et l’émancipation de leur pensée raciste, le prestige de Toulouse trouvera son compte. (p. 101)

TRANSLATION: I express my best wishes for the success of your projects, because I am convinced that, in the federation of the peoples of Langue d’Oc fighting for their interests and the emancipation of their racist thought, the prestige of Toulouse will benefit.

Even earlier examples: in Charles Malato’s Philosophie de l’Anarchie (1897) we find both raciste and racisme. First English usage: a piece for National Public Radio (Gene Demby, The Ugly, Fascinating History of the Word ‘Racism’, January 6, 2014) cites the Oxford English Dictionary to the effect that the first use of the word racism (in English) was by Richard Pratt in 1902, five years after Malato’s use of raciste and racisme in French.

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A bernie supporter calls others stupid, oh dear. Learn basic math first.

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Well when everything is imaginary and make believe Bernie makes perfect sense.

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Point understood...but supporting that Brooklyn-born Bolshevik Bernie Sanders is fucking pathetic...with all due respect, pull your head out of your ass...

I completely agree on Pizzagate being the most significant forum/topic of discussion....makes Voat worth it just for that....

and yes there are some ignorant bastards around here...there's nothing to argue there...

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B-but, muh "higher wages"! And... and Bernie promised to rob you for me in order to pay for my healthcare and liberal indoctrination! WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN!? GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY, EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT, WHITE MAN!! I AM ENTITLED TO HIGHER WAGES!! /s

These Bernie faggots are the worst, even worse than Clinton fans.

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Clinton "fans" are criminally involved or criminally insane...Bernie lovers are so fucking disappointing because they can't nut up and realize they're being duped by an avowed Communist...AGAIN...

individuals self-incinerating their individual rights in the name of freedom....sweet fuck...

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Yeah no.

Look up wages in 1975 and how much a house cost and how much college cost and how much healthcare cost.

Shit is headed full speed toward a guillotine laden revolution. When too few have too much and the majority are fighting over scraps, things get really bad.

And this time, with drones, satellites, surveillance, cell phones, and big data, rhe masses will be truly fucked.

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You are ignorant...all these entitlements without consideration of who provides the work, who pays the bills and who's choice in the matter is being acknowledged...never mind our usury-based fiat monetary system is a big game of 'Repo Men' where the margin called can never be filled...

Communists created this game to gain absolute power over humanity and therefore the world...

Individual rights is redundant...rights can only be held by an individual....socialism holds the state as the absolute power and arbiter of truth...the state is an abstraction while the individual is absolute...

You're a real dipshit kid...

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You are clearly a paid shill. The Federal Reserve is to blame. You know nothing about what it is or ✡who✡ is responsible for it.

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I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Joe Dirte?

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The brainwashing is strong in this one. Bernie is a fucking communist. You're on a website that seems to be mostly populated with hardcore American patriots. A socialist or communist will NEVER appeal to people like us, because we understand the evil behind those ideologies.

It's more than a little disturbing that all it takes for a fucking communist to earn your vote, he needs to claim to fight for "higher wages, more affordable healthcare, and education" that we taxpayers will be footing the bill for. You commie faggots act like you're entitled to a certain amount of money, a certain amount of MY MONEY. Fuck off.

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It's like a part of their brain is missing. The part that understands what you put in is what you get back.

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A socialist or communist will NEVER appeal to people like us, because we understand the evil behind those ideologies.

What if I told you there's more than one type of conception of socialism and Elon Musk is one of those types. I'll let you figure out what kind of socialist he is 🙃

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The type that likes socialism when he is the one getting major benefits? Or the type that needs socialism to fund and prop up his failing, unprofitable businesses.

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The only good type of socialism is National Socialism which only has the name in common with the other types.

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That's why you raise direct but targeted points depending on who you might get in a discussion with about this subject.

How is this feasible? at least plants a seed of doubt to how ridiculous the promise of utopia is

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I can only guess he thinks Obama is the "greatest president we ever had"

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I'm actually well traveled, educated and have legitimately seen some shit. Why I'm here.

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Despite the crap that's often posted, I bet some of the most unexpected people visit these boards. Really intelligent, famous or highly respected people.

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If you don't think people like Musk have at least been here after seeing communist shitholes like reddit I have a [redacted] to sell you. Notch started selling Minecraft on 4chan like 10 years ago in alpha and is a billionaire now lol these places don't attract people because they're retarded

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I'm not famous. Mildly respected.

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legitimately seen some shit

Well what kinda shit? A riot? A war zone? A flying saucer? A shady backroom deal in a room filled with cigar smoke?

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Lots of just shady shit when I was traveling.

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