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You want to make excellent money, meet like minded people, and work a satisfying job, with the potential for advancement and/or becoming your own boss?? Attract decent women, pay off your debts, and be able to buy property in a white area?

Go to trade school, start an apprenticeship, or apply for construction jobs. All of the richest men I know made it in the trades.

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This is what I've been considering. Not the life I envisioned because I know I am capable of so much more but I think I'd like the work at least.

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Don't fall for the fake intellectual snobbery. With a solid trade you can get more than comfortable financially and have room to explore and expand your options. Chances are, the fulfillment you're looking for won't come from "so much more".

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Don't hesitate. You'll be glad you did. The trades are crying for skilled labourers (and often unskilled as well). You'll earn incredible wages and there is always lots of overtime to go around.

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Dog, "so much more" may being the best master welder in the tri state area, running your own welding company and employing hundreds or thousands. You might change the industry forever. The domain of your expertise doesn't set the ceiling of possibilities.

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So much more? So then what is your dream career?

What do you believe is getting in the way of achieving your dream?

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Do not support the labour monopoly by buying into their church. You shouldn't have to pay or take debt to be trained for a job just so massive corps can get first pick on the best labour for cheap because they have bought into the scam. It is about population control and limiting independent self employed non slave/ pleb labour.

Thou shalt not worship false idols. Beware false prophets who come to you in sheeps clothing.

They (the super rich) make trades profitable to feed the public acceptance of their skilled labour monopoly.

It is coerced slavery and because they control the paper notes that have value they can incentivise you into the worship( paying of tribute) of them as idols.

It is not a system that has long term stability. Join a club, start a racket, survive following the evolved strategies of maximum individual and group success. The bible evolved with language as did idioms. Where there is smoke there is fire.

I would recomend actively improving yourself and letting the world open up to you via the success that comes with following the dictates discovered and catalogued by our ancestors.

For assistance on understanding that helps filter the magnificant potential exagerations of mythos I recomend "the origin of species" also known as " the preservation of favoured races through natural selection". Then read the bible through the context of evolved wisdom. Maybe study etiquette for some more strategies. Then the rouges lexicon for the strategies that evolved on the underbelly of survival.

Good luck!

useful idioms: ipsos scientia potestas est (knowledge itself is power) ,quis custodiet ipsos custodes( who guards the guards), look before you leap, if it aint broke don't fix it, controlo el tiempo( we control the time).

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I feel your pain mate. I remember the days when the internet was still considered the wild west but it's become as civilized and degenerate as society around it is because of the normie invasion. Now it's about the control of information, selling you shit you don't even want or need and trying to direct the herd in the direction (((they))) want by using the internet as merely a content delivery system in same way they treated TV. In fact it honestly feels like we've put down the keyboard and picked up the remote control every time we step into the comfort zones of the internet like reddit and facebook which I have no doubt is intentional.

Fucking normies ruin everything.

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so many normies https://kek.gg/i/4vv_hG.jpg

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Lol. It's not even close to an even distribution.

Graph should look like a Boa ate a basketball.

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Something's wrong with your graph. I'm only seeing one bell curve...

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"And I find myself helpless and unwilling to go with this bullshit program. Fuck."

I feel the same way. Every day I try to find a way out of the matrix but to no avail. The guy talking about learning a trade as a profession is right but I think the kicker, that most of us can't seem to get over, is selling our lives and souls for fed fiat.

We're all living the reality that parents don't talk about and the schools won't teach about. To quote a friend of mine when I asked him what we were in our lives and in society, he said "Failed attempts at indoctrination."

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It's nice to hear someone who hasn't embraced the system. I've been away from the internet and every normie out there continues on like nothing is wrong. "Oh you want a picture of my asshole for security verification? Glad I saved this one from this other app's verification here you go." I am not suicidal at all but I think death is the only way out.

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Man do I feel you on everything you said. I keep going back and forth and just cutting internet out of my life for a while myself so I only use it for learning or researching something nowadays. Used to definitely be of the same opinion of technology being a great thing that will advance everything then being so utterly disappointment when it was the opposite. Makes me on some level feel regretful of being a part of it all together. Now I just unplug entirely every once in a while before coming back. Everything everywhere is an ad and it's rapidly just turning into exactly what TV is. Fuck repeating that cycle again.

But I hate especially what it's done as a tool for separation. I could never understand online dating, that shit is just fucking weird. You're definitely at better odds just picking up some kale in a grocery store. At least that I could still understand. I'm the same with politics & media/ news, I hate all of it all together, just a shit load of lies & propaganda that I could definitely go without. The future is bleak as fuck & I'm not looking forward to any of it.

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I picked up a book today and bought it solely because the back had a quote that read "My life's mission is to safeguard the universe I have created from the choices I have made". That's how I feel. I embraced this system I now hate. Kind of like the genie that grants shitty wishes. The past few months I avoided the internet as well. Airplane mode on the phone and everything. When I returned I realized that there's nothing worth even looking up. It's now just a place to buy & sell and for people to boost their egos. I don't see how it can get better in the future. Part of my frustration is that all my skills are related to this skynet system.

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That's how the system works sadly and we're all at fault for not realizing it sooner, it enticed us all. There really isn't a reason to be on unless you're doing research. But at the same time seeing a few people who think and say exactly how you feel makes you feel a bit better just knowing you're not alone in thinking it's crazy that the internet has infinite potential to turn you into the best person you could be if you use it correctly but people use it to watch netflix, trade nudes & look for dumb shit while the water starts slowly boiling around them and they think it's a fucking Jacuzzi before realizing they're in a crock pot, and they're the meal but it's too late to freakout now.

Orwell had it right on both accounts, people will hate it and be forced into an Orwellian future while some will love every minute of it. He's right both times but he said it will be one or the other, but it's even more insane that it's both. It's actually creepier that way.

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So will you give up or pool your hope into someone who is willing to work through mountains of shit to help those like you? Im not great at anything really but you drive my resolve brother. Dont give in yet if you can find it in yourself to keep going. I need another few years but I dont forget people like you. I dont.

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Not sure. I was so optimistic as a kid and teen. I had so many ideas and dreams about what I could do or create. And I did. Some things were successful. I created the first facebook-like site back in the 90s. It got me in trouble with my school because of all the shit posting. I thought up UBUR before UBUR existed. Adult me see all my old ideas now mainstreamed and watered down. Adult me realizes I never had a chance with no capital or well-off relative to give me a boost. I am considering a trade but im 31 at this point. I feel like I've done everything there is to do in life besides see exotic locations and have children. Honestly all l want is a wife, a small shoe box to live in, a modest income and maybe a couple kids later on. But my drive is pretty low now. That wife would want more than a shoe box. She'd probably end up taking the kids. Everyone seems fake. Money is all they care about. Money is what makes you who you are, and that alone makes me want to opt out. If I could join the military I probably would. But I'm too old.

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Demoralization in action.

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Darkweb/deepweb is calling friend

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Ha, was downloading Tor when I made this thread.

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I'm with ya, man. Jewish trash are scared to death that truth about them and their pets is making too many normies wake up. They're panicking.

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