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He's really pissed off the Elite Ivy League swamp monsters this time, they see the writing on the wall and know he's about to release uncensored docs about all of their smokey backroom deals, contracts, donations, the works.


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I like the smell of your bbq..

I have beer......can I come over for a hotdog?

{pssst, I also have some weed)

also, the weed is pretty good, and I’m getting hungry.........

....don’t do ANYTHING.... wait

Do you smell propane?

I smell propane........, or maybe your sister’s arse....can’t tell one apart from a fart..

Gassed or confused

Can still read the news

Destruction of indoctrination


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You are improving :)


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also Britbongistan is finished @waxdino ... QUOTE


Labour convicted first, tories up next then lib dems and others. Will name those who escaped convictions from all parties (including many big fish) then it's the ones who are sitting MP's & Lord's currently & then Royals. For those unhappy with the order of drops, we don't care!

50 names released so far

Here is the list of named pedos/CP from british fight

1, Martyn Locklin Labour party member and who knew Tony Blair on a personal level 5 counts of indecent assaults and 2 counts of rape

Adrian Cirket Labour Party Councillor & Trade Union official with GMB Union & School Governor Child pornography

Colin Inglis Labour Leader of Hull City Council & Chairman of the Humberside Police Authority Sex acts with a child

Keith Potts Labour Party Councillor and Chairman of the board of Primary School Governors Child Porn

Les Sheppard Labour Party Councillor Multiple sex attacks on children

Nelson Bland Labour Party Councillor Child pornography

Iestyn Tudor Davies Labour Party Councillor Sexually abusing a little girl.

John Friary Labour Councillor Attempted to solicit a child for sex online

Alan Prescot Labour Councillor Forced masturbation, masturbating infront of a child, chocking (assault) on a child, sexual assault, multiple sex attacks all on children

David Spooner Labour Councillor Masturbated in front of two 10 year old boys

Mark Burton Labour Party Councillor Downloading and distributing Thousands of images of children in bondage being abused & molestering a school girl

Darren Geoffrey Pedley Labour Councillor Downloading paedophile images of children

Stewart Brown Labour Lord Mayor Downloading child pornography material from the internet of a severe nature including a child in Bondage and Shackles

Liam Temple Labour Lord Mayor Offered a child money for sexual favours

Nicholas Green Labour Lord Mayor Multiple rapes of children

Sam Chaudry Lord Mayor Election Candidate for Labour Raping a child under 6 years old, Abuse of another child under 10 and the Rape of another child aged 8years old.

Manish Sood Labour Councillor for Leicester Explicit communications and offer of sex for money to a schoolgirl

Richard Harris Labour Council Candidate and Primary School Governor Offered children money to have sex with him.

John Johnson Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor hundreds of child rape, torture and beastiality images

Susan Smith Labour Party councillor Subjected a minor to a three week rape ordeal

Samuel Gamlin Labour Party Spin Doctor Distributing obscene films of children being violently raped and abused by adults.

Ian Rankin Labour Party super activist and Council Candidate Possession of extreme child rape videos

Graham Pearson Labour Party mayor Possession of child rape photographs.

Willie Smith Labour Party Leader for the Corby Council Downloaded images of children being raped on the internet.

John Murray Labour Lord Mayor Jailed for child rape.

Michael Tombs Labour Party Child Social Worker & Primary School Governor Downloading indecent images of children being raped over the internet

Graham White Woodside & Madeley Labour Parish Councillor Pornographic photographs of a child

Barry Dodson Rotherham East Labour Party councillor child rape offences

James Warmer Labour Party election candidate Two counts of outraging public decency and one count of sexual assault.

Paul Diggett Labour Councillor Download images of children being raped.

Peter McLaughlin Labour party chairman of Stanley Town Council Admitted raping a schoolboy

Malcolm Ford Jewish Labour Councillor & Head teacher for Skelmersdale/West Lancashire district council Raped a young girl repeatedly over 3 years

Dennis Blandford “Pete” Townshend from The Who Major UK Labour Party donor Accessed a website for child porn

Andrew Palmer Labour party election agent - Peterborough Twice spent time behind bars for possessing rape images of children.

Peter Prendiville Labour Westminster election candidate Admitted making and possessing rape images of children

Simon Carter Labour party councillor for Tottington ward on Bury council Making rape images of children

Terry Brookes Labour councillor for West Thurrock and South Stifford Possession of child rape images.

Richard Smith Labour councillor for Nelson’s Clover Hill ward on Pendle Council possession of child pornography

Tom O’Carroll Labour party member Former chairman of (PIE) Paedophile Information Exchange

David Fagan LABOUR party councillor for North Lanarkshire Council Possession of a hoard of child rape images. Member of the council’s Education and Social work committees.

Steven Bayes Labour Party city councillor for Orchard Park and Greenwood ward Making and hoarding rape images of children

Tom Neilson The Labour councillor for North West Leicestershire District Council Thousands of rape images of children and being a drug dealer – in his own ward.

Sean Morton Moray Labour councillor photographing and distributing rape images of children some with animals

Neil Taggart Leeds Labour lord Mayor 36,003 rape images and videos of children including 5,488 at category A Served as a Labour city councillor and chairman of West Yorkshire Police Authority.

Derrick Hemingsley Dudley Labour councillor 90 pornographic pictures of a child

Roger Spackman Exeter Labour City councillor Pornographic photographs of children. Had a 12-year career in Devon’s child protection services & secure care home.

Jonathon Phillips Labour Councillor Possession of child pornography

Phillip Lyon Labour senior clerk Indecent images of children

Toren Smith Labour Councillor Possessing indecent images of children

Michael Barnes Labour party Councillor Child Porn

Mark Tann Labour Party activist 24 counts of Indecency with a girl of 9 years old plus 2 counts of RAPE with a 4 year old girl.

Neil Redrup Labour party Councillor Act of gross indecency involving a child

Steve Wayne Carnell Labour party Councillor Child Porn


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Are these politicians that were investigated and it never got out to the public?


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Holy shit did you make a separate post about this? Please do if not.


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Thanks schlomo, that sounds as ridiculous as the idea that he'll be 'impeached any day'. So called politics and voting, choosing between pepsi and pepsi won't set you free. That is the thing white people are capable of that is so shit terrifyingly scary for the global plan.


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Lmao, he's been "about to" take down the (((Elites))) every day since the election. Get a grip.


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What's interesting is that i don't think trump is about to lock them up. Doesn't seem plausible. But.... their behavior is so crazy it majes me wonder sometimes.


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You live in the Matrix. We are going to have to fight a war for control of our country. Please get out of the city. Save yourself.


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Yep. Its about to start. We have to awaken all the whites we can.


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Its about to start.

I give it another 15 years before the good times roll.

We have to awaken all the whites we can.

Agreed in full; we'll have more than enough able bodies ready when the time comes.


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I all think you're joking but you 2 made me feel convinced for a little

''We'll have a civil war''

9999 new laws and taxes

'' 10 years man for shuuuu'''

100 years later

'' it was a great empire maaaan''

'' we need those programs!''

''Public education!''


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Thanks Harry, if we're waiting for the government's 'permission' to be free, we're doing it wrong.


[–] Justaddcoffee 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago  (edited ago)

The military said only 8% of Americans were hopelessly brainwashed. Your circle may just include more of those 8 percenters. Also, Trump actually won the popular vote by a landslide if you subtract illegal alien votes and democrat/deep state voter fraud.

Just keep dropping red pills. Don’t be silent. It’s actually more dangerous to be silent and let evil prevail.


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Based on personal observation, being a working male in early 20's. Ive found that everyone i meet that has a job and a full family = Right leaning, support trump, conservative , hates leftists etc Unemployed/ studying (non career related)/ solo parent/dole deadbeat/ lives off rich parents = Leftist, cultural marxist, sjw, lgbtqrs

Some say its because working people dont waste their free time getting brainwashed by mainstream crap, or having a family and a career makes you want to secure your future and not take risks with liberal bullshit experiments.


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It's mostly that if you work for what you have, you realize the fundamental unfairness of socialism.


[–] Justaddcoffee 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

That’s why the cabal often puts puppets without children as the head of states, they want to put people in power who don’t care about the future of a nation.


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Yup, having the whole Mockingbird media, Slick looking tv talking heads, Hollyweird and the Musik industry singing the same tune, makes it appear that the dumb sjw shit is more wide spread and popular than actuality (plus doesn't help all the normies that just accept it instead of voicing their opinions, cause they dont wanna make a scene smh).


[–] Mylon 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I have to wonder, how is it so hard to get real information out there? If Mockingbird was still going on and it was working against the wishes of the President, what's stopping him from providing proof of fake news and systematically dismantling their reputation so no one takes them seriously? Jailing them for libel would have a chilling effect, but attacking their reputation should work just right.


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Also the media has effectively made it "taboo" to support Trump. Thus creating a silent majority and it also empowers Liberals to not stfu about their views.


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the midterms will see the left humiliated. Then they'll get really desperate. Im ready to fight


[–] CuriosityOnFire 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

depends when the financial shit hits the fan


[–] hang_em_high 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Any chance the market keeps going through 2020? It seems to be going way too well for too long. I wonder if they have the ability to tank the market.


[–] TwistedSista 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

add in a little domestic terrorism on home soil and they'll have cleaned up this revolution nonsense spic and span.


[–] con77 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

for the left it has.


[–] Tallest_Skil 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 


The democrats have registered 12,000,000 new voters since 2016. You have to be clinically mentally defective to think that they’re going to lose another election ever again.



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The Putin Presser was a paradigm shift. Fucking PUTIN calls out Hillary, Soros, and this new cat Browder. They tag-teamed the Deep State basically saying they have all the goods on everyone. They can shut up and let there be world Peace or play political football and fucking lose. Whatever the shills think they have on Trump/Putin, believe me they have the entire force of their military intelligence to counterpunch 3x as hard. You watch, these people are REALLY STUPID.

The truth comes out, you have friends here. I can reconcile the insanity that most people don't live the repercussions of their ideologies. It makes them energetically inefficient but not all is lost. My mother in law is a skizo open borders type (yet would never invite an illegal family to stay with her) but she is a great grandma for our kid. So save the 30% of good most people are.

But come here for the 97% agreement. Feels good man


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It's a fucking crazy pile of SJW shit out there ideologically in the modern office environment. Try to stay sane or transfer to somewhere else if the people you are around are particularly cucked beyond red pilling. Always try to red pill others.


[–] gazillions 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago 

If you're running into real life people that are still swallowing that shit you should probably cut them loose. They're too fucking stupid to live.


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very true


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I like to present things they disagree with as if they agree with them and then watch their heads explode.

dumbass: drumpf is gonna be impeached any day now! he shouldn't have been elected

captainstrange: yeah I know, isn't his election great! hes ruining the republican party

dumbass: uh, wut?

captrainstrange: ignores response and continues, yeah it's fantastic, glad we're on the same page. I can't believe that moron becky is against his election when hes ruining the republicans, she must be a republican.

dumbass: Thats not what I...

captainstrange: Yeah all the people agaisnt trump obviously wanted mitt romney or the zodiac kil.. ted cruz, to become president. Why else would they want literally the republicans worst candidate to lose the election?

dumbass: yeah but #i'm with her, what are you for trump or something?

captainstrange: Of course, of course. But you wanted the guy who would ruin the republicans NOT to get elected? What are you a fucking sexist piece of shit?

And on and on.

They back peddle out of those sort of conversations so fast it would make linda blair's head look slow by comparison. Or they call over a friend to back them up "captainstrange voted for trump!"

I usually pull "and dumbass has been claiming how he supports the republicans and how it's hurting his party! Hes a fucking xenophobic racist antisemite!"

That last conversation was at church, so I obviously won by proximity to the source of all light and virtue in this world--that is communal wine, but I digress.

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