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The headline makes it sound like this kid was dragged unwillingly to the party. He was fucking begging for the caretaker to give him booze. I can't imagine a hell much worse than being trapped inside your own body, unable to move and kept under constant guard by horrible women who won't so much as give you any liquor. This dumb bitch, through her negligence, may have been an angel in disguise.

The victim could only consume a few ounces of liquid at a time...

Another one of the victim’s PCAs told police the victim had given Wellman money to buy alcohol for him that night, so she purchased two six packs of beer.

Another witness told police they saw Wellman pour two to four shots of vodka from the bottle into the victim’s mouth. The witness said the victim was begging for more alcohol and that he appeared intoxicated.

How many ounces in a shot? Clearly this man knew the risk of slamming 12 fucking beers, and having his extremely drunk caretaker pour booze down his gullet. The dumb whore of a nurse probably didn't even realize he was trying to drink himself to death. She's just like, 'wow this wheelchair kid can throw down'.


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Prolly the best time he has ever had, the part that disturbed me is that she was going to meet some rando from the interweb. Fucking do that on your own time not on the payroll watching this fucking reject.