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Oh my god there's video.

I couldn't stop laughing. Holy fuck! What a bunch of dumb motherfuckers!

It went from splishity splashing on the edge and laughing to being in the water crying out for help and flailing with arms. It's like these motherfuckers don't know how to kick their legs or something.

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True, I learned basic techniques/pressure points to get people OFF of you when trying to save them. USMC Combat Water Safety Swimmer..kek!

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I don't understand how anybody over the age of 5 can't swim. Isn't it instinct to keep yourself alive if you end up in deep water?

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body mass and bone density, most Euro and Oriental babies in fact can naturally swim...if you don't continue swimming you may have to relearn later in life, some races swim better than others but to make this simple Indians are half Aryan and half Negroid type ...Congoid, Bantu, Negroid types are ethnically different again and BLACKS genetically are BAD SWIMMERS...black populations do have a higher average bone density and body mass mass than, fat percentage index, blood mass, the hair is usually steel wooly type and not streamlined like say Whites or Asians which will drag a person down, Europeans and Asians had cities near waters for thousands of years, they hunted in waters, they traded, they fished, they played where as Black Africans lived in Jungles or Plains, enormously dense skeletons were more suited to running away from say Hyena, jumping up to collect things from trees or running away from Lions, they are different people by blood, heritage and genetics.

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I also don't get it. I don't remember a time I couldn't swim. My parents must have taught me as a baby.

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Not all people have the instinct or it's not 'activated' at a young age. This is happening more and more often because people go swimming less and also because of parents who coddle their children. My dad pushed me into a lake when I was really young and I just started treading water naturally. Today I'm a pretty strong swimmer and enjoy going really far out into seas/lakes.

Where as my brother was always too terrified to even get near the lake. He's in his 30s now and if we put him in an 8ft deep backyard pool he would probably drown. He is 6'5. I even had to go help teach his kids to swim because he was afraid that he couldn't help them if something went wrong.

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Nope. I would be dead if I hadn't been pulled out deep water as a kid. I think very young babies/infants have an instinctive swimming ability, or so I've read.

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They seemed to have caught a fatal dose of Natural Selection.

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I am a pretty sick individual who is diagnosed as a sociopath and I can't stand a nigger just like the next guy. At no point in the video did I find myself needing to laugh. Honestly, you might want to have yourself checked out.

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It's like slapstick comedy with death at the end.

This is funny like that video of those Asiatic people kicking in elevator doors and plunging to their death.

So stupid it's funny.

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I think what you would be looking at there (if we are to take the comment about finding the video laugh out loud funny) is more likely something from a person who has so totally stepped down the rabbit hole of race hate to such an extent that these guys are dehumanised. It also smacks of a sadistic personality. There could be an element of psychopathy there, someone who has absolutely no ability to empathise and simply finds this funny in a detached slapstic way. I think i would also be comfortable with the notion that this is the comment of someone who trawls the bowels of /r/watchpeopledie and the like and has had all traces of sensitization and empathy fucked from their skull by the diseased dick of gore porn.... Saying all of that, it could also be the ramblings of some internet cuck trying to sound all edgy.

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I am a pretty sick individual who is diagnosed as a sociopath

How is that? I mean, would you check the sociopath box next time, or would you rather be a normie?

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If you can't swim stay the fuck away from water

How difficult can it be?

It happens every, effing summer xx drowned, did'nt know how to swim.

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Always a bummer when someone leaves a floater in the pool....

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Best answer. Reminds me of CaddyShack.

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This is surreal. I didn't think it was possible for 3 grown men to die about a meter or two (!!!) away from the coast. They drowned after less than 1~ minute in the pool.

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It would have taken longer if they were separated. They immediately dragged each other down.

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i had a pretty bad day but this made me smile

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They figure it out in the second video. No problem staying at the surface in that one.

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Their stupidity gets insanely amplified as panic sets in.

Idiots will literally push the heads of their friends, and family underwater to get their next breath.

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I taught my daughter-in-law and the grandkids how to swim a few years back. At first all of them tried to keep their head above water the entire time. Once I got them to accept that they could come up for air instead of trying to fight the weight of their head they were in good shape. I think non-swimmers like the guys in the video where making that same mistake fighting to keep their heads above water.

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I think maybe non-swimmers get that idea from movies where the person is just floating there. Or maybe they get it from watching good swimmers tread water, but have no idea what's happening below the surface to keep their head up.

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Or lie still on your back and your fine, I could do the backstroke before I learned "normal style".

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I learned to swim in the local lake, the firs thing we were taught was the doggy paddle and then the dead mans float lol. if you feel tired or scared you might drown, you FLOAT on your back. simple. Crazy that people can't swim. Also notice how they DROWN their friend, he says get off! (I dont know wtf he said) then they all drown. wtf. so weird.

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Wow, that was fucking beautiful. That pond (and that's all it was) was the perfect place to teach a white kid of five years old how to swim...and yet some sub-human street-shitting pajeets couldn't' even figure out the fucking basics that any tiny-assed whiite kid could pick up. And these dumb fucking pieces of shit are the assholes you have to talk to whenever you call in a problem.....

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