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I wonder how many of these convicted politicians have children of their own? You gotta wonder when someone says "Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult result in no identifiable damage.", has that person ever raised children? These people are fucking sick.

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What we need to worry about is OUR government, Great Britain is too far gone.

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Satanist pedos are against free speech because they don’t want their crimes brought to light (also see the democrat party in the US).

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would the list be shorter if it was of those not convicted of "sex offences" The British Parliament has had a raft of people caught in sex scandals of all types for a long time, you name it, its probably been done by some twisted limey MP. Would not be surprised with even "beastie" got a mention now!

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pervert criminals ? @fogdryer @TrishaUK @madmalloy @carmencita ? there were rumors about British politics and the BBC for years

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Yeah, lots of rumors for years. Most rumors are true, not all but most. Especially if they keep popping up.