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Bless this man for keeping up the fight against censorship

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still a few choices out there example Vimeo, Liveleak, 4Chan, Minds, Steemit, Gab.ai, Dailymotion, webmshare.com, 8chan, Bitchute, Phuks.co, mixtape.moe, Medium, Twatter, Sealion Club, Wordpress, Dtube, PewTube, dump.bitcheese.net, blogspot, medium, Vidhuber, bitview.net, veoh, Metatube, vidlii.com, metacafe.com

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ironic that we seek the decentralization and distribution of information while the left - the communists - seeks the opposite dont you think?

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Thank you /u/Swack_ for all you did. Hooktube became a major part of Voat, and so that means you did too -- whether you wanted to or not ;)

Rest in peace.

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Can we start using bitchute? I like that site, videos load really well even if you have terrible internet.

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It actually works with Brave now. Nice.

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Last two times I tried to use it, videos just sat there loading nothing. I think I got a few seconds into one of them, then nothing.

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Bitchute is BEST ute!

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Looked pretty gay. Minimal functionality, no words, whitespace, clunky because it's botched together out of javascript and running through cloudflare(just opening the site felt like it took longer than my PC takes to fucking boot), infinite scrolling... good seed, bad soil, lazy gardener

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There's always FreeTube.

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I'll give it a look, but maybe this is just the push I need to commit more to cutting youtube out as much as I can.

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Yay! The death of one brings forth a new one!

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I can't figure out how to use the extension for Waterfox.

Any ideas?

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What do you mean? Does it fail to install? Does it fail to redirect to FreeTube?

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I'd love to get my hands on the old code. I'd use it internally. :-/

It was great on my bedroom tablet. Nice and light and a great interface, and worked with out of date Safari. With such low use, and not being public, they'd let me do so with my current API key.

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Thanks. I'd checked those already and those are for the current version of the site and don't tie into the YouTube API or anything. Unless I missed something? I checked the files out a few days back and a quick skim suggests they're the same as they were then. I want a copy of what it used to be, maybe a month ago. :-(

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LOL My manliness isn't dependent on my OS. I like that one 'cause it's first gen and tough as nails. It's pretty much a brick and I can drag it around, drop it, etc.

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Sick burn bruh

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dude, you managed a negative comment. You must have struck a cord with those crapple idiots.

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  1. It's hard to hear you from up on that high horse.

  2. You're wrong because it wasn't purely Voat throwing 30k+ daily views at the site.

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Nothing flows under their radar, I can assure you. I have channels on gulag tube almost since beginning and I know what are they capable of - not only collecting-archiving and processing all their info in real time from their own sources but also they somehow exchange info with other giants. I know that because few years ago they blocked two of my channels - one because copyright and the other just because they knew it was mine. When I complained they plainly stated that they know it is the same user. :) And no way they should know that.

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@Swack @derram

thanks guys!

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