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Just moved from Cali to Idaho....was told by my neighbor it takes 30 minutes for the trooper to roll up...so either call him or take care of the issue myself, when black people roll into an establishment, I see people eye ball them till they leave, never thought Id say this...but IM HOME, sniffle sniffle, its obscenely glorious.

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i was just reading something about an idaho city being in the top 10 best run cities (Semper or something?), the stats looked fantastic. how's the weather? how's winter?

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Weather is good, if you're white.

Winter is long and cold. Not a problem, again, if you're white.

Low humidity if you don't like swamp feeling of living in the South.

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Sadly, the Kikes have created a network to push niggers into white areas all over the country. Diversity scholarships (payed for with our taxes) and other such schemes are how they are literally injecting vicious, ready to be offended victim niggers into our last bastions of freedom.

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CDA is getting BLACKED by Somalian plants as we speak.

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Moved from IL to so. UT. It's a special kind of feeling seeing more niggers in media than you do when out and about. Still too goddamn many plundering beaners though.

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Hahaha Psa from local Jews. I actually called the cops to patrol my neighborhood at night recently. Fuck those loud ass kids, and fuck a disgruntled oogabooga. Police are public servants, and I will take advantage of that.

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had one of those 'disgruntled ooga boogas' as you so succinctly put it come through my neighbourhood trying to destroy locked up bikes by kicking them. I told him to stop once or twice from my window before calling him a fucking nigger and telling him he better run. He swaggered off calling me a bitch. I'm not going to say who ran down the alley and flanked him and smashed his brain in with a 4 foot long iron pipe, but it was pretty sweet.

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Dear white people: Don't make the problem worse by hanging police out to dry. If you call the police, have evidence of the criminal nature of the individual you are calling on. Take photos, video or notes if you can. Find anyone to corroborate your story if you can. For the love of god do NOT stop calling the police, which essentially is hanging them out to dry.

We need to be on the same team as the police if we're going to trust them to keep crime down (which, as we all know, is very over-represented by certain "minority" groups). If the police see you acting proactive, helping with their roles when possible, you will have a safer community.

Of course there is bullshit MSM social engineering, that will not change. If you're receiving blowback from your neighborhood, peers, or family. Educate them as to why calling the police is an important role in keeping them safe, just as much as yourself. Don't fall for the "because they were black" excuse. Explain the suspicious, or outright criminal activity you saw and ask people - do you want this happening in your backyard? Because you're looking out for them when you do the right thing and try to take a scumbag off the streets.

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The police exist to protect the state. Not you.

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Sure, but they plant subhuman skull into cement walls with impunity all the same. There have been a few times where I was about to square up with a pack of indians and these huge Aryan (I'm not a small guy by any means, but these guys were like 6'8") cops pushed me out of the way and mollywopped those bogans good.

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Shoot, shovel and shutup?

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Shoot first.

Call the police afterwards. If you feel like it.

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Fuck that, cops help us more than any other demographic. I'm going to continue to call them to my aid. They know who pays their fucking check.

This post gets a downvoat from me. Jewbag.

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I'm 99% sure he intended this post to be sarcastic. Plus did you read past the headline?

Just a PSA from your local jews.

You guys are basically saying the same thing...

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I sure hope so.

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Just shackle the intruder in your basement.

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It's a wild animal, not a pet.

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Do you want aidsbola? Because that's how you get the aidsbola.

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Not kill, KEEP

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make this meme

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