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Gee, it's almost as if the mainstream media has some sort of agenda.

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Or part of the same tribe.

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Let alone how they seem to believe that $100,000 in Facebook ads somehow managed to sway enough people to overcome Hillarys $1,400,000,000 campaign budget

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"called out on it."


I'm a super ancap libertarian sperg and even still what angers me is that cuckold drumpfenberg hasn't had the balls to invoke RICO or sedition laws yet. Because that's what it is. Treason, conspiracy, whatever you call it, a plot to bring down the last free country on earth, and it's evil as fuck.

if he leaves office and these people aren't held accountable for their crimes, I will legitimately condemn him for the rest of my life as the worst president ever.

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Preventing him from doing that is the entire point of all the Russia propaganda. It's being spread in an effort to provoke social unrest, rioting, and possible rebellion should he bring about justice.

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I'm irked by the constant use of the weasel word "Russians"; not saying it was Putin's government, or the FSB, some specific minister or group, just this nebulous use of the term. Was it Russian civilians, was it people who spoke Russian but not Russian nationals, was it Russian nationals, but jews and not ethnic Russians?

Buying some facebook ads that were pro Bernie not swinging 10 votes aside.

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russians = white goyim

very very xenophobic

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The MSM also talks a lot about black on black gang violence. Yet how do we know it isn't all police shootings?

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You can only call them out on voat or other counter-semitic platforms, they control the rest.

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This is how the MSM writes false history.

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When it comes to politics the news, along with their pundits and politicians, are always running many simultaneous narratives to cover every perspective they anticipate then look for user approval and then choose whichever people like the most.

I seem to be the only one I've ever known who's even mentioned this occurrence. EEEEEVERY political commentator or news outlet is doing this.

And again, individuals are doing this too. Take a look at the examples of the crazy interpretations of Musk's tweets. They simply have someone in their office pumping the "unofficial but real" facts on this site and they happen to be the ones people here want to hear. Then on Reddit or tumblr or whatever else they sure as hell aren't running the voat truth.

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