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Inb4 the random accounts show up to start attacks on Lauren... Oh still not fast enough. Every single right wing speaker or figure is attacked on this site. More goats are starting to notice, which is good though.

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A bunch of leftists pretending to be right wing and character assassinating right wing public figures. Lol pathetic and a complete waste of time because everyone sees through it right away.

The funny thing is this post is primarily about the shirt and the message on it, not the person wearing it. Which makes the shills look even dumber. If the shirt was on a mannequin being wheeled through the airport, they would claim that the mannequin is secretly hiding its ethnic origins and past partners.

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Yup, you'll notice when Milo became big everyone attacked him, then when he went away and Jordan Peterson started to become prominent, he's now a filthy jew too. Then of course there is Lauren, who had the audacity to date someone who was only half-white. Dinesh D'Souza of course is just a street-shitting pajeet and shouldn't be listened to, and the list goes on.

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Yep, the tactic that militant leftist like @cheeseboogersghost uses are straight out of the alinsky playbook. Hold the enemy to his own rulebook, in this case "no Jews" (make every leader a Jew). They try to start what's known as a "purity spiral" by making baseless claims against anyone who becomes a figurehead. It's quite obvious and I am surprised more people don't call him out for the literal Jew he is.

Imagine being a Jew and having to use "Jew" as an insult all day like @cheesebooversghost---his self esteem must be really low.

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How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

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fuck you ziotard jews. Good job on banning from your sub for this image. What are you jews scared of?? Pushing your fucking jewess nigger loving whores into white unity movements. TRAITORS ALL OF YOU

The sub MyBordersMyChoice banned me for this image https://imgoat.com/uploads/def184ad8f/124168.jpg

Most likely the same jews who run TheGreaterIsraelAwakening sub

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There are things she can be properly criticized for, but being a kike isn't one of them. There's no good evidence that supports it. Anyone who keeps pushing that she is, is either JIDF here to D&C, or has fallen for their year long smear campaign against her that happened on /pol/ and has become a useful idiot.

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Anyone who isn't called a kike by kikes hasn't gained traction enough to be a problem.

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She is a trad-thot; coal burner; dyes her hair blonde; has changed her last name from Simonsen, "son of Simon", which is very common among people of partial or full Jewish descendence in certain Scandinavian countries; she seeks to make a good profit off these activities as far as I know (Patreon, later on her own website with subscriptions and donations); her grandparents fled from the natsoc occupation of Denmark to Canada (she claims it has something with their claimed company supposedly being seized); she seemingly tweeted in support of nazbol (https://mobile.twitter.com/lauren_southern/status/879390263617224705). And she smells from miles away of controlled opposition.

The likelyhood of her being a crypto-Jew, partially Jewish, or at least greatly favouring Jews and their ways, seem very high. And controlled opposition is a very real phenomenon and danger.

EDIT: Forgot to add this:

And then there's this tweet:

That she deleted.

(((Lauren Southern))): "Jewish people are still recovering from the holocaust, my grandparents escaped the Nazi's in Denmark & lost everything."

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Only a matter of time until people here start foaming at the mouth that she's actually working for Israel or something. And she's a zionist also ofc.

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Opinion on my comment here?: https://voat.co/v/whatever/2632152/13294358.

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He is transgender, after all. /s

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Early reminder: get your printers ready and order stickers, it's happening again this Halloween.

We have truth to spread and salt to harvest.

Edit: for people who aren't happy: focus on the message, not the person wearing the shirt. Don't be upset that the message is spreading, be pragmatic and strategic.

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No. Not stickers. Use flower and water mixture and printer paper.

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Mix in some ground glass with the wheat paste. Anyone who tries to tear the sign down will get cut

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Why stop at stickers? I've got plenty of stuff brewed up for taking pamphlets to the streets, and when it feels like the right time the red pills will rain down and block out the sun

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What's fun is if you can access the roof of very tall buildings and drop hundreds. They spread for miles.

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baphomet's rage? You voted Hillary huh?

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I've got a pack ready & waiting.

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And don't change the fucking wording! Okay, not OK.

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Confident stroll of a man on a mission.

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touching the lenses of your glasses

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Can we get a step further: PROUD to be WHITE!

Or would that cause mass murder?

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It's supposed to be neutral. The whole point of this meme is to highlight the hypocrisy of "anti" racists.

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So, "proud to be straight" is bad and "it's ok to be straight" is good?

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Yes, that's exactly the problem. I agree with her, if she wore it, the media would go nuts. But what if we all did that? We're not celebrities like she is. If we did it, the media couldn't report about it, because we're not celebrities.

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To bad she's a nigger lover.

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I have this nagging suspicion that there are a bunch of shills in this thread, because the amount of butthurt I'm seeing here goes beyond the pale.

People going apeshit over her wearing a shirt like this indicates that she's somewhere over the correct target (so to speak). If she's wearing that shirt in public, then it means that she's doing something RIGHT.....and the elites do NOT like it.

Other than that, it's nice to know this site can still get the shills riled up.

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Member for one month

Calls others shills

Do you have any opinions on this comment: https://voat.co/v/whatever/2632152/13294358 ?

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It’s okay to be white.

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An unhealthy obsession with a jewess

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