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They damn sure dont show Asian men with mixed couples unless they are gay. That must be annoying, also.

All white dudes are evil now, too, except Luke Slywalker who ran off like a black sperm donor when the white women needed him most.

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I hear women talk about how evil men are all the time. Women are so easily brainwashed through TV programming. Bitter bitches need someone to fling their problems on.

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I had a chick that always talked about how men have it so much easier. Meanwhile she'd cry constantly because she was so lonely.

No correlation, of course

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Just imagine how the Queen must feel after Prince Harry ran off with that American Quadroon!! (wonder if their kid will have nappy hair?)

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a ginger and a nigger ... probably gonna be some ronald mcdonald lookin kids

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Just imagine how the Queen must feel


If she wasnt proud, it was her job to speak up. If she cant speak up as a fucking monarch of a fucking country, then monarchy shouldnt exist in the first place. There is absolutely nothing she can protect by keeping her mouth shut.

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His mother Diana was a mudshark

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Diana's bastard? She probably thought of the idea.

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A lot of people outside of here seem to be noticing the blatant propaganda most media is shoving down everyone's throats. Dining out last night, I overheard a whole table of people discussing the same thing, most seem to just go back and watch older shows that didn't have that (MASH and Andy Griffith were brought up) where others stopped bothering watching TV altogether. Wasn't the first time I heard that brought up. People are waking up.

Personally I stopped consuming newer media a while back on suggestion and have felt a whole lot better with my life since.

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Old shows were all we were watching back when we had satellite TV. Commercial after commercial is nothing but race mixing or they have ugly hooked nose jews acting like weak white men. That shit makes my blood boil. Its not wise to piss men like me off like that. Jews have to be thrown out or we have no chance. All of these jewish gated neighborhoods need diversity. If I see jews in a restaurant eating I fart when I walk by. I will sabotage them and ruin their day.

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Which city did this happen in?

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That's makes me really happy. :)

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Grandma actually said it to me the other day, even she started noticing the blatant nigger race mixing shit on tv. If Grandma is noticing it, you know that shit is becoming so blatant its fucked.

I told her the MSM is trying to brain wash people, and she actually agreed. Fucking brave new world happening right in front of our eyes.

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I hope you're right.

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I don't have your problem because I haven't watched TV for 15 years. I realized a long time ago I was paying to be force-fed constant advertisements, even in the shows themselves even without the stupid commercials.

Doesn't make sense to pay to be brainwashed. Keep doing it, though, it just doesn't make a lot of sense when you willingly pay to be brainwashed and then complain about it. Demonstrates a pretty low awareness of the situation.

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Yeah... I'm totally against this point of view. It's basically turning your back while ((( they ))) proceed to brainwash all of your neighbors into targeting YOU as the enemy. The OP is clearly not brainwashed and is spreading the word of the insidiousness of the TV Psy-op.

Your advice completely sucks and smacks of arrogance. It's actually a very cowardly and lazy position you have taken.

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((( they ))) proceed to brainwash all of your neighbors

His advice "sucks", but what is yours? How do you suggest we get rid of the people so low-IQ that they deliberately choose brainwashing?

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There is value in watching to be able to counteract blatant propaganda

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What's the value? Explain why one would need to counteract blatant propaganda. More directly, what are your presuppositions about the kind of people who would need to have propaganda counteracted for them?

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I agree... that faggot is giving horrible advice.

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Keeping your head in the sand isn't something to be proud of. Just don't pay any money to watch.

It's important to keep in touch with what is going on around you rather than exist within echo chambers that only promote a single narrative.

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I was in the line at Home Depot and they have these new bracelet things you can wear as a mosquito repellant. Anyway, there's a giant cardboard display with a WHITE mom and a BLACK dad smiling with their 2 mixed kids all showing their bracelets. You can't just turn off the TV.

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I’ve also seen it at Home Depot. You can’t escape it. I see it at the gym in real life. It’s not for us. It’s for white women and they have swallowed it without question.

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THANK YOU! It is everywhere and every medium!

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What's hilarious is that if your a white woman that marries a black man, you have a 97% chance of getting divorced, usually with a half breed soon to be criminal kid.

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This is why I would never consider dating a black male.

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I cross the street and avoid niggers (male and female, but def male).

The fact that even one White woman would consider walking on the same side of the road, much less let it stick its herpes hiv dick in her is baffling to me.

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This is the greatest image to show the cure to jews and their bullshit: https://imgoat.com/uploads/def184ad8f/124097.jpg

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LMAO!! Two of my co-workers are going on vacation with their families and they're both camping! They're also both white lol!

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Maybe stop watching TV?

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Best example I can give is the TV show, "Agent Carter"

This is a show on TV that I was actually excited to watch. It was a beautiful comic book story arc building off of the "Captain America" movie ... and I was invested in it ... so much so, I devoted time to watch with the rest of the house...

This is a progression of what happened:

First season: Fucking bomb-diggity story, not a nigger in sight ... ends on a cliff-hanger ...

Second season: Nigger "scientist" and love interest of the female protagonist...

Show tanks ... no third season.

I wonder why?

I quit watching once the "ambiguous love interest with the nigger" happened ... about ... what ... third episode?

Fuck that. Made me sick, and honestly, most of the house (at the very least) irritated. They continued watching ... I came back for the finale ... and thankfully, she didn't continue the "love interest" ... but ... HOLY FUCKING SHIT, DISNEY ... this is a show set in the GODDAMN 50's ... and you're pushing a niggerloving female? She would have been (rightfully) lynched along with the animal she was fucking.

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This is how the kikes baited people in with the show The Walking Dead. Once they got a lot of viewers the nigger loving started. Kikes are demonic creatures who should not be allowed to live amongst whites.

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We stopped with the most recent season. It started, and finished, with Rick, a white cop from Georgia, quoting the quran.


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Haven't seen a single episode of that show, so I can only take your word.

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I watched most of one episode of Marvel's Jessica Jones. They had her fuck the black bartender, and I turned it off.

I also watched iZombie until Rose McIver was forced to fuck a black dude (S03E08). Had grown tired of the show anyway, but that was the final straw.

The Black Genocide Propaganda is so obvious...

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That's so annoying. And I notice it more and more. Hell, if I don't see it, I'm surpised!

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That's what suckered me into the show for the first season.

1) late 40's early 50's time frame

2) not a nigger in sight other than "extra" or "servant".

3) Story ....

4) Second season ...

5) A big fuck you, from the jews.

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