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So you know how to do the work, have always been left to your own devices to figure out how to get the work done, and now you don't have to rely on making money for someone who was playing head games. Sounds like you just started your own landscaping business! Good luck!

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This. I would approach the very same homes you was working, and take her business right out from under her.

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All he has to do is go up to the previous customers and tell them they can either keep him as a landscaper, or they can keep the same company but have different people.

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Might be worth while consulting someone in Law about poaching clients whilst on the job.

Might be a case that OP could make fliers and then pass them out, in OP's own time, to customers of the same business but advertising OP's business.

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On top of this, we're currently in one of the tighest labor markets and best times to start a business in decades. Fuck her. He should walk out if he's got the cash. If not, find some and start his own thing.

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It’s illegal to cut your pay without notice and you agreeing with it. Especially if your check was for work already completed. Bad thing is it’s probably not worth the hassle to litigate but you might be able to leverage that against the cunt to get your $350

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This. Unless you were already working under the table AND that was your idea, she's got serious, "you go to jail as the employer" federal law issues.

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Yup. Don't think of it as "I want my $350 back." Think of it as "I want to make sure she doesn't do this to other people, and my $350 is nice too." She'd have to prove she compensated you in full or face consequences. I'm sure being a business owner, she'll have all her finances straight with good record keeping, right?

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If OP knows his competitor pays under the table he just won a ton of clients because I'm sure his state's department of revenue, the IRS and INS would love to come shut them down.

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His states labor board will smack the shit out of her if his employment situation is legal. You can't just "not pay" employees.

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Yep, it will be an open and shut case. My friend's previous employer owed him over $2000 and hadn't paid for over a month.

He contacted the state labor board and 2 days later, the company paid everything.

OPs old boss probably isn't that smart, though.

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Shit, you can take that to small claims court.

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Don't even bother. Just contact the state or federal labor boards. He's got it in writing from her that she unilaterally cut his pay, which is hella illegal. She probably did this to other people too, so contacting the authorities will help them as well. Small claims will only help him, and will be far more of a hassle.

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I ran into a male contractor who liked to pull the same sort of shit. I ended up getting out of the deal ok, but I don’t think he did as I got calls out of the blue a couple times after from him asking for help saving other jobs. I hope he went bankrupt.

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I'm sure he did because people who are shitty to their employees are usually shitty to clients too.

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I was a subcontractor, but I had to demand payment after he was avoiding deposit and payment for work outside of scope. Then he acted like he was doing me a favor by paying me. This all went down in late 2016/early 2017.

He sounded desperate the last time he called asking for help. That was only a few months ago. I bet he got busted using unlicensed/uninsured people.

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I worked for two businesses where I was the only male in the office. I could tell you some stories

One was so bad you would think I was making it up

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Oh man, I've been there. Never again. Stuck in a stuffy office all day surrounded by obese feminists will crush your spirit like nothing else. Let's hear them stories.

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Please tell it?

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You tease. We all have our popcorn ready, please share!

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I didn't want to tell because I know I've told it before.

Got hired to work in computer facilities (this was early 2000s). Was supposed to be shown the system by my boss, a pretty twenty something. Instead I ended up showing her how to do it. Que her asking me how to use it from day one until I left the place.

Women constantly played mind games with each other and gossipped. They always wanted to bring men in on their drama.

They always made snide or condescending comments about men long before pound metoo.

About once a month they would have jewelry sales in the middle of the day when no men were allowed but women got to spend company time douching each other and licking muff.

At least once a week one of them would get proposed to. When this happens the entire morning was shot as shrieks of hordes of woman would keep them from work so they could gawk at the ring. When men weren't interested and wanted to work they would get insulted.

I was constantly correcting womens' fuck ups. When brought to their attention it was denied and I got written up.

My cute young boss (one of the main reasons I took the job) was paranoid as shit. When she walked into our department, she would demand everyone tell her what they were saying about her. The dept was all men and none of them liked her. She always took credit for shit we did and when she fucked up she blamed it on us.

I built a password protected filing system and gave her the password.

A few days later she fired me because I refused to admit I was wrong when a bitch lost a package even after telling her she was sending it to the wrong address. Boss wanted to know my password, I told her she already had it.

She ended up firing the entire dept. When she couldn't log on to the filing system because she didn't remember the password she was fired a few days later.

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Well? I have popcorn ready.

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Just want to tell you I'm sorry, nothing worse than being a good worker and getting a shitty boss. For what it's worth, I've had that with both men and women. Have you considered starting your own lawn and landscaping business? It sounds like it'll be an easy thing to continue without her.

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Not to mention I had put in 36 hours in just 3 days already this week.

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good fukn luck replacing you!

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350 dollars(plus interest) is the value of an unmaintained Scag. Just saying. Let them prove otherwise in court after you replace a few things putting 3k into it over one season. Used Scag value is no kidding 3k and just a pump can be 900+ install.

Go around to the whole book of business saying you did the work and are leaving and that if they don't go with you then their yard will not be cut.. you'll get as many as you can handle, have equipment, and a much higher take home.

The owners made a huge mistake.

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This would be stealing under different circumstances, but do you have any of her equipment in your possession? Like something worth $350 that you can sell?

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No, then you're also a thief. Right now, he has legal recourse with his states labor board.

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No, this is the wrong track of thought. Dont stoop to their level.

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Women can be good bosses, but sadly fewer of them are able to be the same quality boss as a man. its a bell curve thing. most women go into business trying to make life better for themselves or (more likely) for others and the result is that reality hits them in the face and they have to be men in order to survive. the result is a frustrating mix of drama and anger.

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Go to the people's houses you were working on and say this:

"Sorry to interrupt your day sir, but I just wanted to let you know that I am no longer with [company], and won't be able to tend to your garden (or whatever you were doing). I understand that [company] has been having trouble hiring competent staff, and it would be a real shame to let your property fall into disrepair after so much time and effort has already been spent on it, so if you start having trouble finding someone to do [the work you were doing], you're more than welcome to give me a call."

They'll probably hire you then and there.

The closest I got to running my own business was tutoring while I was in uni. Started small with only one student, but I ended up pulling about close to $400/week cash in hand. And working for yourself is nothing like working for someone else. No bullshit; if a client is giving you shit, just drop them, if you're any good, you'll have more clients than you can handle, and will have to turn others down. Make your own hours; don't want to work, well you face the consequences, wan't to take a week off? Don't book anything that day and you've got no problems. But the biggest thing is that you're making yourself rich; not someone else. It's a great feeling to have.

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I worked for a contractor doing home improvement for 10 years. Working by myself I got more done than his 2 man crews. I'd bust ass all week to get done early on Friday. He'd then ask me to go fix other peoples work. I billed more and got paid more than any of his crews. Dumbass started doing Vicodan and Adderall and making me chase him for my money. Over 10 years I put over $500,000 in his pocket working by myself. He lost everything. He now has one piece of shit van and lives in a shitty apartment. He and his wife are still on drugs.

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Don't do drugs, kids! But it's not just drugs, drugs, booze, prostitutes, video games, anything that distracts you from your mission you should be very weary of.

Good on you for working hard mate, but you know what they say: work smarter, not harder! You've only yourself to blame for accepting to work for someone else and making them rich instead of yourself.

I trust that now you've got your own home improvement business; more clients/business than you can handle; a few apprentices working for you; and are well on your way to an early retirement!

Also, cut those kinds of people out of your life, nothing to be gained from that.

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