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Too long to read.

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It's a self-improvement program if you find yourself constantly procrastinating and unable to break old, bad habits.

  • Cut off all feel-good stimulus for one week (sugary foods, cummies/ porn, music, video games, tv, internet, socializing). Keep what stimulus you can't cut out (work/ school, immediate family) to a minimum.
  • During that week, eat a strictly controlled diet (guy calls for high protein but that will just result in the excess protein turning into carbs, follow a low-carb / mild keto diet instead)
  • work out regularly and read, preferably non-fiction.
  • Don't let yourself be idle. If you have an idle moment, do one of the two above, or do something productive like clean, cook/ meal prep, do some house or yard work, or just take a nap. Just don't leave yourself with your thoughts. Your brain will create stimulus in the absence of external ones.

Do that for a week. At the end, slowly re-introduce any old habits and stimuli you would still like to enjoy, but now if you were previously addicted you should find better control over it.

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guy calls for high protein but that will just result in the excess protein turning into carbs

Gotta stop you right there pal. Gluconeogenesis doesn't quite work like that.

Otherwise, good tl;dr.

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Keto is lame. High carb high activity.

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Just to clarify. At the end of the week start doing the things you want to do which will impact you positively. Lifting, socializing, organization, house work, home cooking... etc. During this reprogramming phase keep old bad habits to a minimum still.

The theory is that it will rewire your brain to create old negative cues into positive cues. After a week of mind numbing nothing, anything would be taken as a positive stimulus I suppose.

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Just fucking read it you faggot, it took maybe 2 minutes to read and is very insightful even if not scientific or proven

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If you are too lazy/stupid to read this, you will probably NEVER break the cycle. How sad for you.

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Abstain from bad habits and you'll drop your bad habits.

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This is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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7 day week

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BTW I am struggling with alcoholism (six beer a day) and it is really weird. It is not like "I want to stop but cannot" but more like "I want to stop in the morning but not stop when it is afternoon and time for a drink". It is more of a case that I feel I "should" stop instead of "want to".

I think something like this is the issue with everything like addiction, motivation, or bad habits or laziness. You think you want. But you don't want. You actually just think you should want. You do not want the right thing, you just feel guilt that you should want it. If you would really want it, you would do it.

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23214265-the-biology-of-desire argues that there is NO difference the breain between desire and addiction. It is just wanting stuff.

Which is why https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9321.Allen_Carr_s_Easy_Way_to_Control_Alcohol became a bestseller. Carr basically tries to convince you to not want alcohol and it works for a lot of people. But not for me. His ultimate argument is "Are you so shit that you have to numb your whole brain just to numb a small part of it that bothers you?" and the answer is yes, I am so shit. He tries to apply to my pride basically and I don't have much pride left in this regard.

People will perhaps recommend AA meetings now. They would actually kick me out in 2 minutes. They would ask "Do you want to stop?" and the honest answer would be "I feel like I should want it but don't actually really want it." "OK go home."

(BTW the fuck it has to do with jews? I mean, if it is ironic - jews are evil wizards who cast mind control spells and thus are a symbol of all inadequate mindset - then it is not a bad joke, but if it is meant seriously, that is crazy. No jew made me an alcoholic. I did.)

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They won't kick you out. You don't have to say anything. You can be quiet the whole meeting

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Brah... strikes too close to home. When I have beer in the house I will easily drink 3 or 4 in a evening just because I feel like it. I don't go out of my way to get more if my supply runs out though. I can go months without drinking if I keep it out of the house. I guess I value not spending $50/week verses the reward drinking beer provides.

The de-jew is a euphemism for unfucking yourself.

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If you want to quit you can't quit Cold turkey. First just start drinking 6 days a week instead of 7. After a month on those 6 days just drink 5 beers instead of 6. A month later cut your drinking down to 5 days a week with 5 beers etc...till you are only drinking once a week.

Atleast cutting it down to 5 days is something you feel like doing no?

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No I am terrrified of a dry evening. My mouth is literally parched and water does not help.

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I can help you de-jew yourself in five

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Read Talmud quotes. These are the same scum who own and control everything https://archive.is/ztCRF

They did it by way of The Federal Reserve. The world lost in 1913.

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yeah we know inbred raghead like you must bang your head on the floor every friday

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lonnng read, but shit -- he's right and so are you forr the title! jews would hate if the world woke the fuck up like this

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Where is the picture

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This is bullshit.

Big changes like this are doomed to fail. You're not gonna be able to lock yourself in an empty room and think about nothing for all hours of the day except for school/work, sleep, and the couple of hours you lift.

You don't know anyone who dug their heels into the dirt and turned their life around completely in a week.

Just buy a dumbbell and curl it for 1 set every day for a week. Or go to sleep on time for a week. Or go without sodas for a week. These are small gradual changes and you're probably gonna fuck up but you'll score some wins too. Either you persist through failing to get to those wins(and keep improving in small ways forever) are you never had the grit in you to begin with. If that's the case you sure as shit weren't going to go without literally all high-stimulus activity for an entire week just because some guy on the internet said it'd turn you into superman.

Writeups like this are the masturbation of self-improvement.

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This is going to rehab..... its almost identical. The barren rooms, the stimulation of books and writing, vision boards, good food, regimented sleep / eating / shower times, a break from the world. I loved rehab. If you are struggling with addiction OR mental health. Go get help, I promise life will get better. PM me if you want some advice. Ive gone from homeless junkie of a decade to a decent human with a happy life, even with minimal material wealth.

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