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Reddit cares.

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No. Voat cares too. Not about the washed up skank, but about exposing the hypocrisy of the left. Con artists like this love to shout #MeToo while committing "sexual assault."

now, we know this is a non-story just like Trump saying "grab them by the pussy" is a non-story. But it's important to show the parallel behavior to expose the hypocrisy of their own retarded definitions of words like "assault".

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I care for any potential NXIVM, human trafficking, sex-cult outcomes that could result. Perhaps someone can chime in on whether that theory is still legit. She apparently had a tattoo just like Allison Mack's. Obviously though it's gonna be something that she denies. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2629912

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I googled the specifics, the story to me was more about the fact that they are in a strip club, undercover cops on the payroll asking to put their face between her boobs, and somehow that's reasonably illegal.

Also I doubt certain demographics would have had the charge dropped like the busty blonde whore. I suppose I agree with dropping it.

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Does it? I took a peak over there and I've seen more here than there

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Honestly I figured they'd down play it, or ignore it or right. If it's a true story it does not matter how it comes out.

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You're ded to me now.

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Very true but they paid her, she has a certain contract that has to run. You will hear about her again soon.

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Gynocentrism. People care because vagina.

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TBH her head looks sort of weird.

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She has that tranny look going on there... almost looks like she's been doing roids.

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her coke dealer cares

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I didn't know who it was until today. I heard the name before but I just don't pay attention to the news theater.

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Why the fuck are you spouting your ignorance as if its a virtue? Not knowing something is not a badge of honor that deserves to be posted on the internet. If you had to post everything you didn't know, you'd have to post the whole goddamn library of congress.

If you have nothing to say, keep it zipped ok?

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Do you read every shit tabloid magazine and lesbian feminist blog there is? Better get caught up.

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Not knowing something

Can be compared to not being infected with some disease. To know something means you literally have a representation of it in your brain, which can be repulsive and unwanted for certain topics.

As an example, I'm quite happy to know little about the various nigger-ball organizations and their activities. I don't want that to be a part of me. But feel free to contaminate yourself if that's your thing.

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A lot of people do care, screaming otherwise doesn't change the fact that as of right now we have to share the planet with those people.

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I don't care but I am going to see her show in Tonawanda.

I'm only going to point at her snatch and tell "Trump was there!"

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Definitely try to wear some MAGA gear. If it looks like you won't be able to get in with a hat, wear a button down with a MAGA t-shirt underneath and then take off the button down. Bonus points for getting the whole thing on film.

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Make sure to stand up and rip off the outer shirt like Superman with a manly growl. If you could train a bald eagle to carry a speaker playing the National Anthem over the crowd as well that would be ideal.

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MAGA spoogewear gay level=liberace

Even liberals didn’t get this gay over obama.

And obama is married to a dude in a dress.

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