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he keeps showing up at the doorstep and refuses to let her break up with him

She's in danger.

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I know. I'm assuming that's why she is asking me to speak with him. I'll do my best to scare him off, though I wish our brother was a half-decent person. He would have been nice to have around about now.

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Also she should switch up,any patterns for a little time. She could claim pussy pass against him. 1 last thing she should no longer breed. That last one is a tough approach but her genes have mixed with a nigger.

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get a restraining order as soon as he doesn't listen to your "talk".

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kill it. Say he attacked you and blow a hole in his chest.

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Do her a big brother favor. Buy yourself a beer, sit back on her porch with a .22 laid across your lap and wait for the nigger. You won't believe the look on that douchebags face when he tries walking up to her front door again. Definitely would be the last time.

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This. Call the cops, file a report, get him noticed that showing up again is criminal trespass, call the cops when he shows up the next time and get him cited for criminal trespass.

None of this is because the cops will accomplish anything. It will just help keep them from coming after you when you blow his fucking head off.

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Yep. Is there a pattern to his arrivals?

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If he had any sense, he'd know HE was in danger.

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Keep up the good work. I'm currently doing something largely similar with a friend of mine. Her family is a complete cluster-f**k. Working through it all is hard and long but she's coming around. I'm hoping it'll translate to her siblings eventually so they can break free of that dysfunctional environment.

Thanks for sharing this. I needed to know I'm not the only one doing something like this.

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Don't give up. I struggled a lot at first. I've found recently that if you work on yourself first people will naturally gravitate towards you. The past 2-3 years I've been putting a lot of work into re-building all the emotional and psychological development I didn't go through as a child. My sister has been putting so much trust and faith in me. I'm hoping once I set her up a little maybe I can even positively impact some of my other siblings as well. If you set up a strong foundation with good emotional support people really want to be a part of it. So always make sure to be taking care of yourself first and foremost.

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I'm too deep into it to give up. But reading that it could just about be a description of what I have been / am going through. I don't think I could add anything to it. I would say good luck, but I think we both know that has nothing to do with this. Keep up the hard work.

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Teach her to think critically. A concept that most youths don't grasp is longevity. It really is difficult to imagine a choice having cascading consequences for decades.

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I'm going to guess none of you have had a steady or decent father figure. Your sister is looking to you for guidance. You must not lose her trust at this point. Down the road when she's learned to navigate the chaos on her own, then you can apply a heavier hand. As for right now, be supportive and offer advice that can't come back to bite her. It's important now that she sees progress, just be careful not to impede something like that.

Good luck. Make it count.

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Nope. No father figure.

I've been attempting to play the role since 14 for myself and others. A little complicated to do when I'm female.

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1 - don't reveal your gender in these circles (ie not reddit facebook or twitter or their affiliates)

2 - do you have any older brothers? What the fuck are they doing?

You HAVE GOT to find masculine role models in your lives. Without that, the two of you are operating basically at 50%.

If you truly want advice, join a local Bible study group ghat doesn't rub you the wrong way. Just be careful, as it's typically pretty easy for women in these circles to fall for the cult leader paradigm where they become too trustworthy of the male figure in question.

Even still, the gender role question isn't the end all be all of the journey you and your family are going through. Just make sure to be there when she starts coming around. It's going to suck finding out the double digits of guys she's fucked since high school was extremely unhealthy for her. Things like that are where she's going to need a lot of support. She's going to need some time to forgive herself in the beginning. But, as Anthe good sister you are, you'll be there to help her cross that bridge when she approaches it.

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Have dominicans ever been good at anything except baseball? Cigars maybe? Rum?

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She really loves being immersed in other cultures. I keep trying to explain to her she can find a partner who enjoys traveling/learning about other cultures as well and she doesn't have to keep dating people from other cultures for it.

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You can get into different cultures without being romantically immersed in them. Even so, there are all kinds of subcultures full of good patriotic white people with good moral values that can be explored that would also make for promising romantic partners. If she's in high school she may not see that much yet though.

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They are only know for rum because sugar cane grows there

[–] WORF_MOTORBOATS_TROI 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Is there any place that's known for rum that doesnt grow sugar cane?

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I'm youngest with two older brothers. I don't have anyone to look after. I only have one cousin that's younger than me too.

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My sister married a guy whose mom was a Nazi translator in Northern Africa who married a GI who worked for NASA. Not saying who it is.

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You left her get fucked by a monster? What the hell is wrong with you?

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Blame my parents. Not me.

You try raising 1 younger sibling and 4 older siblings when you're only 14.

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Did you talk to her while she was fucking garbage?

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