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What's the minimum number of men you need to form a full circle assuming a 6" erect penis with a max bending angle of 60 degrees? Let's assume everyone is the same height to keep it simple.

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Height isn't as important as dick to floor length. We'll call this DtF.

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Too many variables. You'll just have to do the research and report back!

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After several trials, I've determined that it requires at least 14 men unlike the number shown here in this middle ages lie painting. However our last results were tainted with an excess of spontaneous discharges, I kept yelling for the craigslist folks who showed up to hold still but volunteers these days don't take direction well. I'll have to repeat the results a few more times to be sure.

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Drinking water... not a good time... fucker

Edit: can we get someone to ask their progressive/liberal physics or math teacher this? Anyone have a Quora account?

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You know who was bigly gay? Mehmett II conqueror of Constantinople. Vlad the Impaler really hated the guy for sodomizing his (Vlad's) younger brother. The historiography is a bit complex, since Turks or even Muslims at large will claim it's all propaganda; but there's several sources that clearly state how Mehmett instructed his troops to capture the fairest boys of the enemy unharmed, so he could use them for himself.

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Human centi-peen

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  • jews

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I think this is old political cartoon,Turkish version.Anyone can translate what it read on top of the page?

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you know this doesn't still go on...not at all...

If you come across a "criss-cross" on a Circle-8 be sure to post it...the over-under...hahahahaha....


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This is what the homo dance was intended to be

but that butt faggot had to make some tame video with stock dance moves instead

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