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Damn, now I feel bad.

I've given a girl 5 orgasms in a row on more than one occasion. :/

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That should be a requirement! So. Tell how you did that.

[–] clamhurt_legbeard 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

with my fingers

gotta pay close attention to the signals shes giving so you get the right spot at the right speed

steady rhythm is crucial

also you gotta hold her down so she doesnt wiggle away

this isnt something a girl can do to herself

you get close then lose control and cant finish

gotta have somebody who can keep doing it to you when you lose it

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Fuck me! I wish I could whack-off that often. I once did do it 5 times in one day but the last one really started to hurt.

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Hold up - her grandma taught her to masturbate WHEN SHE WAS 9?! That was a super fucked-up bit to read. 9 years old is way, way the hell too young to start having conversations with a little girl about men and sexual pleasure. Holy shitballs. No wonder she's all messed up.

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I can't help it .. my special and fully researched and awesome pickup line requires me to stab the girls with by benis.

Want to learn the pick-up line that has never failed?

No teasing like a 5 dollar whore. Its below. Don't read further unless you like making 10 gallons of semen a day.....

. . .

Hey, babe. Nice legs. When do they open.

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this begs the challenge: define sex addict

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Well, I guess I was a sex addict for decades. Now I'm older and don't feel those urgent compulsions, so I guess I'm not an addict anymore, since my dick doesn't get hard as often.

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Niggers gonna fuck.

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Are you agreeing? If so, ur boring.

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https://archive.fo/puDBo :

Jada Pinkett Smith discusses past sex addiction: 'I am a binger'

'"When I was younger, I definitely think I had a sex addiction of some kind, yes, that everything could be fixed by sex."'

' You're having five orgasms a day.' "More: Weinstein, Spacey scandals prompt questions about treatment for sex addiction, criminal behavior'

'It’s the behavior that’s attached to it because if you want to have a lot of sex, that’s great, but why are you having all that sex?'

'Smith previously spoke about her sexual history in a May "Red Table Talk" episode with her daughter Willow Smith, including a self-proclaimed masturbation addiction when she was younger. '

'In a new episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" Facebook Watch series, the actress is characteristically candid when discussing her history of addictions, including sex, alcohol and fitness. '

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