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"Despite Spending ONLY $380 Million..."

Fixed it for you.

Hey, it's a government contract. They probably spent $20 Million to find the only Black-Hispanic-Illegal-Alien-Queer-Trans-Woman owned business that still worked exclusively in cash and had no English speaking employees.

OK, I exaggerate. There were actually 11 of them. But the other 10 all had computers on site. So that disqualified them.


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Hey brah its capitalism.

This is what happens when you don’t give enough tax cuts to the rich, so billionare wealth can trickle down onto the backs of the dying middle class.

We also need more capitalist companies making war stuff so we can bomb innocents and support terrorist states like Saudi Arabia and israel.

Capitalism. And if you complain you are a god damn soy boy liberal nigger faggot lazy communist.


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Well, the only lie here is that if you DO tax the rich, the money will not go to middle class tax relief, but to niggers.