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My 11 year old son was reading the news article over my shoulder. I asked him if he had any questions. His response "Why was she carrying a brick?"

Later that night he watched a LiveLeak video of a white subway passenger get sucker punched by a nigger. I asked him what he learned. "Watch out for 'them' sneaking up and hitting you."

This stuff should be primary school curriculum.

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You are raising an observant kid. Good job.

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We should only be learning about this if we were going to nigger nations or territories.

You're going to Niggerhood? Here's what you need to know.

Bring back segregation!

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American niggers are the most mommy-coddled group of useless, draining beings on the planet.

There's a plant in the Sahara Desert called the Resurrection plant. It appears to be nothing but a dried bundle of sticks. It rolls around the desert in the wind, and it remains in a dead state for up to a century, maybe longer. When it finds a puddle AND gets rained on, it opens, springs to life, leafs-out, produces flowers and seeds, and then dies, in a matter of a few weeks.

That plant has far more appeal than any nigger.

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What a faggot!

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Top quality rant. Ditto on everything.

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its funny how before they caught anyone the media tried to make it sound like it was a bunch of white trump supporters who carried out the attack

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Yup. I disliked TYT aka the "Fuck White People Show" before, but Cenk has been on a roll for weeks, trying to gin up violent action against Trump supporters. He was really pissed about the Portlandia smackdown.

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I thought it was common knowledge blacks and mexicans hate one another.

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Avoid the groid. Around blacks never relax. Remember that niggers gonna nig even against beaner taco niggers. Nice rant.

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It was only a Mexican. It's just karma for the raping and Stealing it's done

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My problem with it is that the victim could have been anyone: Mexican, Norwegian, Cambodian, Irish....

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