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You may be right about the racist part of fascist, but most of us here are for freedom and minimal government interference in people's lives, which puts us well outside of fascism. I also suspect many of us aren't even properly racist but simply members of the resistance against white genocide. I would call myself a race preservationist, but that's too long a word and lefties are going to call you a racist anyway, so I might as well go along with it to make things simple. Yeah, racist.

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I’m not racists... I just despise 99% of blacks, middle easterners and Jews. I fucking hate the Jews. But that only started in the last couple of years. Now EVERYWHERE I look, I see their hooked noses. It started after the military, once I went back to college. It took a while to place it, but once I saw it, the pattern emerged

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My question for lefties is this... are blacks only different because they have more melatonin and they are the same out side of being darker? If they answer yes.. my next question is this? Do you really believe white poeple dislike blacks because of the color of their skin? Or do they dislike them because blackz have certain behaviors that whitss have learned to dislike.. i dont believe white people would hate a groupnof black people if that group of black people acted justv like asians?? I mean think about it.. if your black neighbor had s good job, never played loud music, had a old junker car that he kept up, made good food, wqved at you or didnt but dint cause overt problems and had good well behaved kids that were really smart? Donyou think white guy would hate them just becauze muhhh he has dark skin! Its idiotic to think that

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I heard someone (I think on the Daily Shoah) say that deep down he's just a libertarian that wants "muh freedom and muh guns," but he realized he had to be a fascist in order to get it. At this point I'm personally interested in an anti-communist regime that identifies communists and fucks their shit up. It'll also work to identify and ban communist subversion in its various forms and seriously fucks shit up for people involved with such things.

Fuck shit up could be: prison time, executions, physical removal, or whatever other significant deterrent there is.

On the other end of things, people will be able to criticize the government as long as they're not promoting communism. People will be able to debate and disagree about political matters.

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I share your preferences but also add South Asians to the mix. Hate those rapidly breeding, hairy, low IQ vermin with a passion, particularly pakistanis. yes, that includes you Sikhs who committed the greatest act of terrorism in Canadian history.

In the end, however, it is the Jews who rule over the rest of us. Look at tiny crappy Haiti. Threw out its French rulers, and yet today the richest person is a Jew (Sephardic). Same with Honduras and a host of other countries. They rule almost everywhere.

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same here

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Don't mind American Hispanics much, but the nationals who want to leech and refuse to assimilate are a real problem, they're destructive leeches. Blacks? I grew up with an old black and half Cherokee woman born in the 20s in my life who was a live in caretaker for my severely autistic sister, while she lacked basic education she was a badass very religious woman who taught me more about the world than my mother, I was a shithead teenager and she would call me out to the point of punching me in the face once when i got out of hand once, and i deserved it, i miss her. Niggers are another story, i live across the street from two black families, one a nice older couple raising their grandkids because their nigger kids wont, very respectful children. The other family has broken down low rider in the lawn that he only jumps to use the loud ass stereo and drinks and fights with his friends into the early morning (saw him throw his kid across the lawn last week then beat on his wife till she left for a week). His kids are terrors, one will moon you and flip you off from his window and the kid that's maybe 3 years old told my wife fuck you the other day for no reason, i even caught his biy messing with my work van lock one night. There are are niggers and there are blacks. They are hispanics and there are spics. There is fat white trash too but I've never had too many issues with the ones I've lived around, their just stupid but I never have problems with them.

Bottom line, I'm more weary of blacks but i know they aren't all bad, just most of them. And you can spot a spic without even talking to one, so that makes them easier to avoid.

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Exactly this.

Don’t confuse self discipline for fascism.

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good fences make good neighbors, and this world has forgotten to keep the fences in good shape

you are welcome

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white people make good neighbors, and this world wants white people genocided

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You're welcome faggot!

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This feels cringey in hindsight.

I would delete this but it's anon, so who cares?

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a moderate whitepill worth sharing, not cringe at all in my opinion.

congrats anon.

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You a race realist?

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Most things feel cringey with enough hindsight.

Great post!

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Well done, mein nigger.

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"He's so based!" squeak!

Seriously though, good for you being that outlier.

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Hey @armydaytoday I don't give a flea's fart what race you are. You're welcome to hang around here and give your unbridled opinion. I hate echo chambers. Have a nice day faggot.

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You're a good nigger for sticking with your own kind and the rest of it. Well done mate.

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