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Congratulations! I had my vasectomy reversed in April and doctor says my sperm count is good, well have a 3rd one soon ourselves.

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Mine was 12 years old and ive got average sperm count now. Found a local doctor who does it for 3k otd. I know there is one in oklahoma that does it cheaper, like 2k. The problem is when they find a clog they have to fix or like a year or so after you can get scar tissue that can block it back up. Dr hickman in new braunfels tx is who i used, if you goto an actual urologist you can easily be looking 10-12k.

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My wife went with an IUD a while ago, plans are for that to be removed later this year as we are gearing up to start a family of more then us and pets. IUD's aren't made of copper/metal these days so she didn't have much discomfort. Once in she had an uncomfy week and then it's been fine.

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If you are considering, the further out he is from the original procedure, the less of a chance of reversal. That DOES NOT mean it wont work. Just something to think about.

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College friend married a guy who then had a reversal, and they have a fresh kid. This is the second first hand account of a reversal, and both are successful. That's not saying much, but talk to another practitioner.

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Go forth and spread your seed far and wide

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Thats the plan. Already have two teenage shit heads i had with my wife when we were 17 (still married 16 years later) and plan on at least one more for sure. And whatever happens later happens.

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Hope you have time to homeschool them, cause at public schools is where the jews get them.

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That part is often overlooked.

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Im trying to figure out how to make decent money helping home schoolers.. i was a teacher and coach for 7 years. Problem is im agnostic and that normaly doesnt fly with the home school crowd.. no im not a jew or commie... but go ahead and say it i know its coming.. fucking jews and commies ruined reasonable doubting agnostics!!

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I'm another agnostic. So I won't be one of the name callers.

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Can't you just find a way to get along with the christians even if you're agnostic. It might save your grandchild from marrying a Muslim someday if she has some kind of a christian background. I don't see how having a christian background can hurt a child as long as they aren't rabid snake handlers or something really crazy. Just balance the crazy parts of Christianity with common sense at home. Do you really want to expose your child to visits at the mosque while she ponders 57 genders? I'll take Christianity over that any day and I was raised agnostic.

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Husband is an atheist; I'm a Christian; no name calling here. I respect people who are honest about what they believe. As for how you could help homeschoolers and still make money - that's quite the proposition! What did you teach? A lot of homeschoolers struggle with things like math and science, or grammar and spelling (that kills me...I hate seeing homeschooled kids who have shitty grammar skills). You could be a tutor.

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It's the atheists that are a problem in my opinion. Atheism is another religious belief that you KNOW there is no God, just like a religious person KNOWS there is a God. Agnostics don't even have to be considered fence sitters, they just recognize the universe is insanely complex and possibly haven't been sold on a coherent understanding of God, as there are many incoherent and self contradicting views out there. Perhaps explaining how drastically different atheism and agnosticism are would help you in your endeavor.

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Ron Paul Curriculum

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with the transgender faggotry red-shirt bullshit kids are indoctrinated with now days- keep them out of public schools

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Don't forget to raise them to be good spouses and parents. No one else will.

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Good fucking job man, thats awesome to hear.

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The Jewish population in the US is close to the Native Americans population; 6 million. Just to put in perspective how the Jews are infiltrating our governments, businesses, schools. Imagine if you turned your TV on and every program show had a native American involvement. People would be questioning the favoritism but not if you are a Jew. Jews get a green light all the way to Harvard , support from Israel, Banks. If we are to get rid of this paeasitic race we must change the system they prosper in.

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The sad truth is that it has been this way for centuries. They took over the British Empire around 1800 by interbreeding and by becoming aristocrats. They took over the Spanish Empire long long ago, the Jesuit order and parts of the Catholic church.

Even in the Muslim world they were the power behind the Ottoman Empire financially.

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Congrats ! Keep it up !

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The jews love when whites get several dogs and "work on their careers" instead of reproducing.

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What's wrong with dogs?

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Nothing is wrong if you have a normal human-pet relationship.

But the jews want all whites to be "my dog is my baby" people -- selfish cunts who don't want kids because they already have a dog and they want to "focus on their career".

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