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Thank for your service brave combatant.

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Find some nerve centers to point the angst.

Like post how you are vibing hard with the bartender at the most antifa-laden establishment you can think of.

I foresee it ending up like this:


[–] hang_em_high 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

I love this idea. What if instead of trolling solid blue states a lot of people started with in swing states with facts/logic?

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Sounds like a great project. I'm down. I've mentioned similar on 8ch but it got zero traction. GPS is so easy to spoof too, plus it fucks with big data.

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I'll jump on board. If you post that thread I'll bump it to help get some attention. You might want to post it as an "operation" picture with a how to. It would be successful on 4chan but you'd probably get banned.

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What is Whisper?

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It's a Honeypot secure communication platform which is actually pretty secure except for intentional man in the middle positionings.

Good way to prevent Antifa fag from knowing who you are at least.

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I'm so detached from these things I assumed this was something made by Open Whisper Systems and was surprised, but then I looked it up and saw "License: Proprietary".

Yep, knew it was a shithouse before even seeing the "controversies".

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Location based anonymous posting. You post whatever Twitter style comment, and it automatically selects a background. Alternatively, you can select your own background from your device's gallery. The posts in San Fagcisco are as gross and degenerate as you'd think, so I'm posting Trumps and Pepes and wholesome stuff.

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The cortex of the free love and psychedelic movements descended like a plague of locust on Humboldt down to San Fran and even Santa Cruz.

Three Generations Later - Humans have bred their own special Pedigree of Poo-Eating Bug Eyed Pug-Russell Terriers

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You'll be surprised to see the strange shit someone 0.1 miles away posts.

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You're doing gods work, son.

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I'm surprised how many red pilled whispers I've seen. Most people on there are under sixteen so I didn't expect so many pro Trump whispers.

Whenever someone posts anti white people shit I answer with the Jew truth and a few people have backed me up. It's surprising.

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I posted stuff like "Are fats even human?" with a thin chick as the background so she-hams falsely thought I am a woman which made them 3x more furious lel.

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I am as well actually. I've used the app off and on for a few years now. I just can't seem to quit. It's like a train wreck in slow motion. It's a revolving door of the most fucked up losers and I just can't stop watching. But with that said, lately I've seen a huge shift away from shitlib posts, or people ripping into shitlib posts in the replies. Funny stuff.

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That's totally unaccep...

Nah, I wholeheartedly approve!! Good on ya.

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Does anyone have copypasta to redpill about jewish slave ships in ebonics?

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Yes... Yes... YES!!! Exactly what i was looking for my whole life!

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