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Speaking of ICE, does anyone have a link for buying ICE stickers, or a place to do cheap custom (right wing) printing? Something like:

If you see one, report one!

ICE 1-866-DHS-2-ICE

Doesn't have to be that exactly. The idea is to instill fear into the local illegals. A sort of "We're in your neighborhood and looking for you right now!" kind of thing. Ideally, they'd be small and cheap enough to buy a few hundred and post them far and wide, especially in places the illegals would frequent.

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Sticking them on stop signs comes to mind.

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Lots of visibility, but could be a vandalism charge in a sanctuary city. Outside the local Western Union or mexicant market would be good too.

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Vistaprints. Or something like that. I recently ordered 500 business cards with ice numbers and how to report them that I leave all over the place

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I'll check it out. Also, just saw that national news of ICE posters (8.5x11) freaking out the leftists somewhere in Iowa. I'd want to be careful about who does the printing, because they have the police looking for the "perps". Crazy times.

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First and Last name is optional on the form. Speaking purely in hypothetical terms of course.

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put an ICE sticker on the door

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oy vey that's a hate crime, goy!

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Fuck the People's Republic of Ann Arbor. Douchebags.

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Why can't they be more like Wayne county and UPGRADE THE FUCKING ROADS? Oh yeah, bunch of progressives in charge.. hostile to drivers.. want everyone to ride bicycles..

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Did you seriously say anyone should copy the way Detroit does roads? ROFLMAO.

My dad went to Las Vegas and couldn't stop complimenting the roads. Those roads are nice.

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U of M St. Cloud is a better target...

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Michigan, not Minnesota.

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The Gophers got Somali shitskins in spades, yo.

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Better yet, tell illegals that ICE is present there, or that the university works with ICE to deport illegal students.

Make them fight each other, and sell tapes of each side's aggression to the other half of the party.

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As good as an idea as this is, there are fucking University signs all over the place about how "undocumented students are welcome" and "respect our differences" and all that good shit. Same with the uni website.

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Just tell them that it's all a sham to keep the illegals docile, you might be surprised how effective it might be.

They're all a bunch of criminals, they're already jumpy around police officers due to their history of breaking the law. Just give them a little bit of persuasion that "You're not paranoid, they really ARE out to get you", and they'll come up with the justification to go the rest of the way.

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Damn, thought it was the University of Miami.

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Ann Arbor = commie faggot land

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You don't have to tell me twice.

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