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Also, call it what it is: it's not "pro-choice", it's "pro-death". Fucking sluts need to keep their knees together.

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That's how the left operates. They redefine words to make what they want sound good when in reality is horrible.

"Progress" means to regress back to identity politics.

"Pro-Choice" means pro-killing an unborn baby.

"Access" means tax payer funded.

"Pro-2A" means literally Nazi Germany.

"Minority" means any group they think are being marginalized.

"Assault Weapon" means any firearm that looks menacing regardless of caliber.

I can go on, but point is, once you understand their playbook, it becomes easy to see through the fog.

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I agree. I was just lashing out. I watched a pro-life video on jewtube recently and when the clump of cells (baby) recoiled from the abortion hook, it got me. In my mind that was a human fighting for his life - and he had no chance. Even my black heart felt something. Tough subject. Life is full of them. Fuck you OP! Lets talk about niggers.

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Nazi Germany was pro 2nd amendment so they aren't wrong there.

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It's pro- and anti- abortion. Talk straight

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This makes sense. But still...

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What do you think the penalty should be under the law for women who get abortions?

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I think their lower lips should be stretched completely over their heads and sewn to the back of their necks for a while.

edit: seriously, no penalty. I just would rather the kid be abandoned to an orphanage or put up for adoption, ideally. Seems like a waste of life. Of course there are outliers. What do you do with a rape baby? A downs syndrome kid? A kid with no brain? Glad I'll never have to make the decision.

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How many times have you turned down sex from someone you've found attractive, notaspy?

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Ah, so you admit that women use sex as a tool to control men. Otherwise, a man wouldn't have to 'not turn down sex when offered', like a dog waiting to be fed.

Oh, and for the record, I have turned down many women I have found attractive because I didn't want to have a child with them or risk having to deal with an abortion scenario.


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When I was married 4 times. These weren't flirtations. These were "lets fuck now" moments. All from friends or relatives of my ex wife. I wouldn't have been able to lie to her. As a married man with money and a career I was flirted with constantly, hence my overall poor opinion of women in general. Since divorce I stay away from their dirty pillows altogether.

I am assuming you are getting at something with your question. What is it?

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The point of sex is to make people. Dont want babies dont have sex.

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I enjoy sex. I don't want a baby.

Good thing we live in a time where I can enjoy one without the other.

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I do too, I also use protection. However if you still get pregnant. Well your old enough to fuck. Your old enough to raise a child.

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but muh religious feefees

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Been saying this for years... decades...

Everyone is Pro Choice. We simply disagree when that Choice is acceptable to make.

Pro Life people believe that Choice comes before sexual relations. They are mature and wise enough to make this distinction.

Pro Choice people believe they can do what they want and a bail out will always be there. They are children that have not and will never learn the consequence of a Poor Choice.

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Do you really want to leave children in the care of the pro choice people you described? Leaving the choice has no impact on the pro life group, but means more people brought up by the pro choice group.

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For men, that's how it already is.

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Are you one of those incel people?

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How does "people shouldn't have unprotected and irresponsible sex" equate to "you can't get laid" in your mind?

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I don't even know what the fuck that is...

Is that another retarded subclass you cunt Millennials have created?

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I didn't know either until they came to voat. It is a bunch of soy boys who can't get laid apparently. I ask because the title suggests you should only have sex to reproduce.

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Yes, that has always been the point of anti-abortionists: they want people to suffer for having sex without the Church's notarized permission.

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You're making a strawman argument. OP has not mentioned the church or beliefs. And OP is advocating the use of contraception, which suggests that OP is not against the idea of sex for recreational purposes. He or she just wants people to use a condom or pill if they don't want to get pregnant.