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South American here. She is a fake ass nigger.

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North American here. We know.

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I wish I had more upvotes to give, good sir.

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from the good part or the bad?

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There is a good part?

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Actually, She is white as they come. That's OK, I'm white. But it is what it is. oye como va. Fucking Please.

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People that play their music for everyone to hear need to be beaten with a baton

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Like any latino would be playing fucking Santana. She just had a staffer Google "Popular American song with a spanish song title" and that and Macarena came up.

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"backpack speaker"... Santana... iced cafecito... what a lyin' taco eatin' nigger.

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At least she had the tiniest smidgen of common sense not to say "Despacito."

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Macarena is European, not American.

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nailed it

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The two things I hate most in the world are Mexicans and people who play their music in public. Someone get some VX on that shithole, stat.

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Violence ain't the answer.

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Yeah, like anybody under the age of 60 would be "blasting Oye Como Va"*, LOL. Watching Devil Eyes LARPing as a poor swarthy hispanic of the streets is so pathetic.
*Fun fact: the guy singing on most of the well-known Santana songs of that era such as that one was not a beaner but a white Canadian.

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Appreciating someone inconsiderately playing their personal music loudly in public

Just brown people things.

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Spanish jews are cheap jews.

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I've never seen someone say something so upper class liberal before.

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and then smashing your glass into the head of the guy listening to Santana because he's fucking white and that's cultural appropriation

and smashing his iphone on the ground because he's not allowed to listen to that

and then having him arrested for a hate crime because he punched your lights out

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"There is nothing like walking into a bodega....and watching ICE raid it and send the fucking illegal taco niggers back to the shitholes they came from."

ftfy OP

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