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It doesn't work that way.

Illegals get the jobs BECAUSE they're illegal. Employers don't pay tax, 401k, healthcare and all the other benefits that the government forces businesses to provide.

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Ah, I see.

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You're an idiot.

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Why? Landscaping companies seem to always hire illegal mestizos.

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THey hire illegals because having employees is a massive pain in the ass/liability.

You don't have payroll tax, labour board, worker's comp, etc with an illegal hire.

People operate based on incentives. Youor government has incentivised business to hire illegals.

The problem lies entirely with government.

Also, all illegals should be marched over the border at gun point. That's how you take back your country.

Not some wage-slave worker's rebellion bullshit.

edit - these illegals are making $200+/day, which is a very decent labour wage. I'm sure there are shit loads of Americans willing to work for that money.

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I've been competing with mexicunts (and from further south) crews for 20+ yrs in my trade. Finding a young white man willing to work and learn is hard. At least it is in my area. They work under the table for peanuts and greedy companies hire them. You can get a class "C" subcontractors license here for 110$ without showing any proof of citizenship or even residency.

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Call ICE on them. But anyways, yeah. For some reason it seems that young white males are always going for jobs that require less work like an office job.

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The last one we tried quit and called for a ride as soon as he was told that cell phones stay in the truck until break time or lunch.

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I have a feeling you are trying to be snide / smart. either way, It's not that white won't do these jobs. it's that illegals and shit will do that job CHEAPER so the whites won't be hired. If companies weren't so crooked and hired only legal whites then the AACP would demand they hire blacks and shit. but, lets just say for arguments sake that the company hired whites and paid them proper wages. that company wouldn't survive since the other companies that hired cheap illegals will have more money to spend elsewhere, like marketing and such.

There are many issues at hand, Personally for me the major issue is the brainwashing of the masses through Jew media. many people dont have strong views on things like us. they just go along to get along. they want to fit in, so if wearing a gay pride rainbow makes them fit in, they will. If the media redpilled through brainwashing the citizens they would go with the flow with us, do you know what I'm saying. It's the people who push PC shit / libtard shit that needs the rope. Most are (((white))) haha. Its were that 2% of the pop, (((jews))) own 90% of the media.....

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No, they should be in finance, banking, media, entertainment, law, politics and government. Only then will we have a society that is not actively trying to exterminate its own population. The people that hold these jobs now only look white.

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STFU and get back to picking tomatoes.

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The economy will naturally correct as illegals are forced out. Wages will increase and workers will naturally flow that direction. The problem isn't that whites won't do the work. It's that whites won't do the work for less than fair market wages.

Entertaining explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq4WBOkFNtE

With the current system, illegals generally make more money than legals. Employers depend on tax payers to illegally subsidize these illegals. The result is that legal workers make less than illegal workers and employers pay less for illegal workers. It's a huge fucking scam.

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Whites are UNABLE to SURVIVE on those same wages, paid legally.

Illegals don't pay any taxes, no taxes taken from their paycheck, no social security withdrawn, no unemployment taken out - nothing.

The illegals aren't doing jobs for less than citizens. They're simply taking all of the money for themselves, so it's twice as much take home as citizens get.

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The illegals aren't doing jobs for less than citizens. They're simply taking all of the money for themselves, so it's twice as much take home as citizens get.

Take a hard look at what you just said. You just indirectly stated that the wages pay less than half of what illegals believe is fair market wages. ;) That's the point.

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Are you white?

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Nope. Asian.

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AKA "streetshitter" here.

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yea okay whatever you say you paki.

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Consider that benefits make up another min 50% on top of the wage for employers so paying a worker $10 ($15 real cost to employer) vs under the table to an illegal $13 is more expensive. Now scale this out to say 15 full time workers over a year in full time that $2 an hour becomes (215workers40weekly hours*52weeks) $62,400 ($4,160 per person) and that is assuming that my 50% is accurate I may be under cutting it. Scale that out to the many many jobs that are filled by illegals, I don't have a number so I'm just going to use the number of people that work for walmart as an example of savings. 1.4 million in the US, easy math here employees times savings per person (I'm ignoring part time as well as higher paid jobs as well just sticking to the $2 an hour full time for everyone as this is simply an example) $5,824,000,000 so if walmart could save $2 an hour by hiring illegals they would save $5.8 billion a year That would be the GDP of Monaco in 2011. Think about that it isn't just will they do the work but will the company hire them.

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