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If you're an adult and you're harassed out of your job by a teen you're a huge faggot.

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He IS a faggot.

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He's also a Huge faggot.

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Why would we 8th grade student know their teacher is gay unless that teacher were pushing indoctrination and/or trying to fuck kids?

The important question...

Keep that shit to yourself and no one cares. It largely only becomes a problem because these people insist on fabulous (glitter fingers when the say that) recruitment of mind and body.

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I don’t know man. 8th graders can be pretty brutal.

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If you can't outwit an 8th grader, you need to reevaluate your life choices.

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There are more than enough ways to deal with students harassing teachers that "have a mental breakdown" doesn't have a spot on the list. As it sounds, she was never cut out for teaching and just got lucky nobody was ever mean to her before this.

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Couldn't have said it better

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Why on earth is a gay publication outing an underage minor. I thought as a society we understood that minors are immature and need time to develop and make mistakes. We don't nationally and publicly shit all over these vulnerable developing children just because we don't like them. The adults are the responsible ones in this picture. How on earth can a student "harass" a full grown adult and "teacher" out of a job.

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Faggots are inherently evil thats why. They hate her first because she is a female, second because she probably told the truth about faggotry being immoral and deviant.

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Faggots have the mentality of a 15 year old girl.

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That's a few years too old...I think it is 12 or 13.

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Because HATE.

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Because she’s obviously a Nazi.


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My question, what was the teacher doing to cause the teenager to harass him out of the classroom. Was he indoctrinating the class and this girl stood up to him? Was she just being disagreeable?

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Im going to guess she simply disagreed with him and said absolutely nothing about his sexuality, but age of victimhood so he played the discrimination card.

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This upstanding young lady gives me hope for the future.

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doxxing teenagers because you don't like their opinions

What a bunch of faggots

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Her quote ROFL:

A student, Averee Patton (above), also spoke up in class about “homos” in a presentation after learning Estes is gay, explaining that marriage is “Adam and Eve” not “Adam and Steve.”

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“My parents have taught me all that I need to know and I don’t think the school needs to teach me anything.”

Good luck with that, Averee.

She's doing much better with her parents teaching her . . .

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Her parents should rightly be proud of her.

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