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Oh god it's all so pathetic. Why are so many guys like this?

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A generation of "men" raised by feminist single mothers

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Yep, guys told their whole life they should be the gentlemen and been over and take w/e a woman give. After all if you cant handle her at her worst you don't deserve her at her best, etc...

Reminds me of the old Henry Ford quote... If he had asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse. Women will say what they want but it's not true given their habits.

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Honestly, I've been looking into the current situation, and I am pretty certain that sexual liberation is the root cause of a lot of current societal dysfunction. The widespread availability of hormonal birth control, and the widespread acceptance of abortion for cases that do not involve rape or incest, and the increasingly large welfare state has lead to an almost complete lack of consequences for women wanting to have non-committal sex.

Prior to the current era, if a woman wanted to fuck, it was largely in her best interest to find a man who would be committed to being a monogamous partner to her, someone who was a good provider, and looks were somewhat of a secondary factor. Factory Joe, who had a good heart and a decent job, despite having an ugly face was just fine for some gals.

Nowadays there is no need to commit, just go for the hot, good looking guy. If he is horny/drunk enough, he'll probably fuck you. It is just the nature of the beast. If you need a provider, the beta-male orbiter will do so, as in the exact case of what happened above, or you can marry a rich beta, and ask for an "open relationship", which seem to be all the rage nowadays.

Currently, due to lax sexual standards, the top 20% of guys have access to almost unlimited pussy, which is kind of awesome, at least for a tall, well-hung, handsome poet such as myself, but the bottom 40% are barely getting laid at all.

There is a reason we are starting to see the rise of Incel communities everywhere, and it is because of sexual liberation, birth control, and tinder. Every good-looking, tall, charming guy can take multiple women out of the dating pool. I am currently taking three out, because I am a moron who likes pussy. Every guy in a committed relationship is taking one girl out of the dating pool.

That leaves a whole bunch of ugly guys with no dating prospects, and their only chance to make it with a woman is through sheer force of finance. Sorry if this is a rambling post, I want to make a more coherent one later, but I have been browsing the incel boards across the web, and I sincerely think that they are one of the great tragedies that has arisen from modern social and sexual dynamics.



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You are blaming this on women while you yourself act like an out of control addict. YOU, not women are creating the incels.

Women are stupid beasts who cant control themselves. You are a man and should know better.

May you die at the hand of a jealous husband.

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Good insights, but you’ve got to stop dicking these hoes. Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution!

(Btw, I feel like it’s more Top 5% Chads and approaching 60% incel/would be incel if they had more dignity.)

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As one of those in the top 20 you are so right on the mark, it's so easy. I could take ten women off the market if I wanted to, but there's just not enough time in the day. As it is I got seven of them. Its a fucking crazy world man. I do know people on the other side of the curve though, I got friends who haven't got laid in years, and years. They get so jealous of me at times. They always try to steal my women from me, it's hilarious. Their favorite tactic is to tell them they seen me with this other woman or that other woman, the dumbfucks. All my women know about the other women. I'm not a liar or a cheater. We laugh and laugh at those poor fools. These women would rather share me and have me part time than have them at all. They love me and I love them. Its wonderful. It's hard to go out in public without having a woman that wants to get together with me, and they don't bat an eye when I tell them I'm already seeing seven other women, they say you could make time for me too. It's insane

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Wow, somebody who doesn't just bash the incels as complete losers without examining context. I'm not saying they aren't losers, but you can't not look at the broader context.

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Essentially because the "social justice" movement teaches men to be pathetic and women to treat men like shit and burn coal.

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he's pathetic but women scamming these guys are even more vile

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This should be on /v/betahate

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I became an autistic faggot just from reading that.

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Are you sure that's what caused it?

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Fuck v/betahate. I got banned from there for telling a beta what to do.

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I'm banned from fatpeoplehate :(

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you got banned cause you're beta as fuck

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Tricked by a twitch thot. Who sends a cam whore 13,000?

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Unless she alluded to giving him sex, then I don't see how this is tricked. The guy was being nice to her in exchange for sex.

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That's a lot of money, shit would pay my rent for a year. I'm more wondering what this person is, does in their life, that they spend this kind of money. The idiot would have been much better off getting a prostitute once a week for the year, would be healthier than sitting at his computer typing to some twitch personality.

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can't get your dick sucked if the hoe can't find it.

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Seriously... you only need a handful of guys like that and you're making bank. And all they have to do is be half naked and "play" games. Often these girls do not even play and and will play recorded content or let someone else play.

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They wont let females stream half naked or play slutty cute gamer anymore on twitch. It was turning into a cam whore site and they stopped it in its tracks. Oh well. Guess those girls have to find some other way to make money from whoring it up.

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That's hilarious, I like the pathetic, financial domination, beta version of, "And by the way, I'm cheating on you!" At the end there.

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This guy is so pathetic, so pitiful, he actually believed saying "And, btw, I watch some other whore's streams every night after yours is over! And the other day, I gave her $30! I'll be over there if you need me." was the ultimate guilt trip.

Fucking idiots need to learn that women don't feel guilt in the same way or over the same things as men do, especially not the "cam-whore" types; they're so self-centered, you could probably make a case for "cam-whoring attracts sociopaths". It obviously attracts narcissists.

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I doubt he's got a dad.

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Wow... At my absolute lowest point in life, I was atop Mt Everest compared to this monumental beta...

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Wow that much money and never got laid. He could of spent $100 and just fucked a working whore.

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And got a free STD... Best to spend a bit more, but yea that is a ton of money for tipping his fedora.

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$1000 could get you a pretty decent call girl. He could have fucked one every week for 3 months straight for that much money.

Alternatively, he could have have gotten his weight to a human level and gone to a college bar.

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Yah dont go for the cheap ones. 13k idiot could have had some high priced escorts and fucked that.

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You're more likely to get an STD fucking a Rando you pick up at a bar. At least with a whore you can test to see if she goes for condoms or not (test her first). With the Rando at the bar you know she probably doesn't sometimes.

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With that money he could have got a haircut, gym membership, some counseling and probably a real life waymn.

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Those arent worth anything. Much better to just spend the occasional bit of cash on a ho.

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yup. and got to smoke crack too! I mean that in the good way.

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for that amount of cash he could've fucked a couple working whores, did all the different variations of drugs, bribed law enforcement and a judge and came home refreshed and relaxed.

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Could have*

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Please dont mansplain your white mans english...

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Think of how many samurai swords and trilby hats he could have bought with that $13k.

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We can shit on trilbys all day, but you leave the glorious nippon steel out of this

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I dunno, with that many trilbys he could pull one heck of an art heist.

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Twitch camwhores and ultrabeta basement dwellers deserve each other. I bet her husband is a total cuck too and she fucks nogs on the side. She'll be another statistic soon.

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He'd have to be to let his wife whore herself out on stream like that. if she'll whore herself out like that she'll do it for others too.

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Naw maybe he pimps her out. Maybe she gives all that beta money to "daddy."

Goddamn humans disgust me.

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Or he like the money as much as she does.

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