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The reports of Voat's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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We're not dead yet.

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Oi! Vey !! (((Feldman)))

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More than a year ago. Nice.

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This article didnt age well.

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How's reddit doing these days?

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The censorship is so blatant at this point and so pervasive that the mods must be working more or less full-time scrubbing wrongthink from the comments and submissions. I wonder how much money they make.

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Wouldnt know, faggot

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site users could create toxic discussion hubs with names like /v/FatPeopleHate and /v/CoonTown, and a lot of niche forums devoted to erotica, like /v/girlsinyogapants.

Anyone who read that probably signed up on the spot. Great advertisement.

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/v/girlsinyogapants? . . . . . . .oh. Who put that subverse in my subscription bar? There must be a bug in the system!

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They throw that word against us, "reactionary" any time we critique their degeneracy. But they are the ones having the reaction formation.

Forming an alternative to degeneration isn't reactionary. It's proactive.

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The alternative to degeneracy is Western Civilization, that's what the goats are choosing.

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And conserving that civilization is not reactionary. Rioting when we try to conserve it IS reactionary.

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Dear dirty jew Brian Feldman,

Bow your ass down at my boot. Jews have no future in white countries. As soon as civil war/revolution begins, I have a warrant for your arrest. Someone needs to look into your personal life to see if you are a child molester. Until then, cry us moar of those commie tears. FREE SPEECH AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. KIKE. GOYCOTT ALL THINGS JEWISH. GOYCOTT ISRAEL.

Sincerely not,


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E-toughness level set to maximum.

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Ah yes. That will stop me. I will cease to notice truth if no voat. Lol tards.

If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine.

If I don't have a site like this to pour all my frustration and angst into, I will have to do it elsewhere. Wa la, a new age of localized information campaign!

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Wa la? I think you mean voilà...

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No, I've heard it a millions times. Its definitely wa la

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voilà, voilà, well ooh la de da Mr. Frenchman.


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they cant let the market decide. They would lose

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