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Living better than many of the white people who are indentured to pay for it.

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wanna really create change? If everyone stopped paying taxes at once, or even just a decent percentage. If our tax dollars aren't going to benefit us, we shouldn't let them steal it from us like they do. They want to prioritize illegals, fine no more taxes for you then. Of course that will never happen, it's just wishful thinking.

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You know, being forced to pay taxes and not having a say in what they're used for makes me feel like my interests aren't being represented all that well in Washington. If only there was some way to respond to taxation without representation...

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Jokes on you, the rich pay most of the taxes. They don't NEED your taxes, they just do it to keep you poor.

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My god! They impaled the entire Mexican soccer team with metal rods!

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Remind me of those "death" camps the Nazis put subversives and Jews in during WW2.

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Thanks that was satisfying.

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Yeah... I wish I could afford a pool table and a place to put it. Sadly the county Government won't let me build a home on private land so I am fucking homeless. Mexicans get that shit for free though. I should become a Mexican then come back and get free assistance.

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Das Amazin!

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Where is this from? Any sources???

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Seesh. That doesn't look bad at all

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Fuck these cunts.

Oh, and bonus points for Messicans. I've been saying that for years.

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