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I would totally hang out with a gorilla and teach it the truth about jews ah ah ah

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I think this could work...I really do...

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Whats the sign for "muh 6 gorillian"?

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Clenching your hands together while cackling

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Whats the sign for "muh 6 gorillian"?


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Oh God, yes! I want a gorilla now. I will name him Gorillion.

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I'll take 6 of those please!

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We could probably create a comic about this. The adventures of: Gorillion

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If she were released back to her own kind it would be a faster event than baking them at 450 degrees for six hours with a side of relish.

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Gorilla lives matter!

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Sounds like a cause I can get on board with!

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Not joking here..I would invite a gorilla to live in my house before I accepted a somilian nigger

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Gorillas are chill. Chimpanzees are fierce warrior apes.

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All I can think of though is some robber breaking into the house

hears a toilet flush and the bathroom door start to open

He tenses and prepares to attack the person coming out

Gorilla exits the bathroom

the thief starts to lunge, mid lunge realizing that is a gorilla not a sleepy person. While traveling the 3 feet to close the gap he instantly realizes that he has made some poor life choices and hopes that there will be a later today to start trying to change.

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No I think it's because Aryans have accepted hardcore Jewish brainwashing that it is the ultimate guilt and taboo to be racist.

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I don't see how anyone could even choke that down. You'd have to be willfully blind, and ignore everything your brain is telling you.

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Ah yes the brainwashing excuse again.

If you're that easy to brainwash then maybe your tribe is not as intelligent as you think.

Fucking based Hungarians chased Soros out. American cucks begging for his shekels and welcomed him. Greed and idiocy is pretty much the only explanation, not brainwashing. Btw, if open society foundation wire some cash to a corrupt progressive goy and ask him to vote "yes" to something, that is not brainwashing.

Tired of all this deflection of responsibility. Hungary is Israel's closest ally in Europe, voted for Israeli interest all the time, PM vowed to protect jews and have a bunch of Israeli rabbi supports, and Hungarians aren't the ones getting fucked. There's millions of American/west eu goyim and their libtardation causing problems and the rest of the world are affected by their "progressive" bullshit.

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I'd like to see Gorillas learn to drive.

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I would like to see a Somali learn to drive.

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Well they would have to be better taxi drivers than the street shitters we have in Australia.

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It's unlikely race made a decisive difference. Case in point: all european societies, even the purest, veer overtime towards degradation of private property and contract freedom. Every single society in the world, unless they are on the brink or at the edge turn to this shit. and even when on the brink, they almost always choose the shit. The rate and power reversals never surpass the rate of decay.

Rome fell because it could not pay for it's military and it's mercenaries. Rome fell because it got broke, poor, destitute. Rome fell because of economics. and the failing economics happened because of something that happens to pure europeans too.

Watch the truth about the fall of Rome. Plebs will not agree.

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Just like mongrel America.

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Much better ! Kek

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I'm not sure if this is real or not, but he is a Trump supporter, it may be real.

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Ah, the answer to these questions is a simple one. Because gorillas cannot breed with the population to produce a mongrel race with no heritage or history and brotherhood.

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""""World's smartest man"""" lol

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He does have the world's highest IQ. It's like the guy in the shiny six wheel pickup truck, it sure can tow but it never does.

[–] Koalemos_Grottesco 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

According to? Him and some random 'journalists'? Wow. If you look seriously into his work it is clear he is overrated and likely making up stories about his results.

As far living people with highest estimated IQ, what of Kim Ung-Yong, Terance Tao, and Christopher Hirata?

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