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If "home" is not Nigeria, then you can fuck right off with this pro-nigger-anchor-baby propaganda. These babies, and all anchor babies, should be denied citizenship, and their parents should be barred from entering the US ever again.


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https://archive.fo/gX3TG :

Nigerian mom takes home baby quadruplets in stars and stripes | Daily Mail Online

'To ensure they continued earning money, Thomas flew with her so he could meet her doctor and returned home to work. '

'A Nigerian woman who flew to Texas to give birth to quadruplets has been able to take them home from NICU - just in time for Independence Day. '

'And an adorable photograph of the babies shows nurses at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital had them dressed for the occasion - swaddled in stars and stripes. ', "She and her husband Thomas saved up for flights and expected medical bills, and went to stay with Thomas' sister in Houston.", "Rachna Bhala. 'I had a rough time, but thank god for Dr Bhala, who wasn't scared for even a moment,' she said."

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