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Fucking degenerate.

Welcome back.

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yep, the worst. One time I was arrested and brought to hospital because someone slipped me some pcp and I was driving the wrong way down a one way road. ( it was late at night, no one was on the road, so I didn't kill anyone) anyways, since I was living in one pair of shoes, when I was hand cuffed to hospital bed the staff was like WTF was that smell. It was my shoes. they took my shoes of, threw them in the washer. and washed my feet, I felt like Jesus. It was nuts. Jesus loves the degenerates btw, thats why I found God.

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Congratulations brother. You have slayed the dragon. Next step is achieving greatness.

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I would like to add my 2 cents, although I'm not big on taking advice, so I don't expect others to be big on taking mine. What worked for me, when I kicked the junkie life, was to look at what the life was producing, in me and others around me. It was total destruction, devastation, loss, and depression. I worked to correlate the drug in my mind with its effects, until I successfully made myself see drugs as DISGUSTING, repulsive, the last thing in the world I'd want. I also worked to look forward, instead of backward. Instead of thinking about how I was an addict and a mess and how much I was into that drug, etc, I let go of that identity and thoughts, and just started looking forward to what I would become and what I wanted for myself in the future. I also found new sources of satisfactions and interests, like running(aerobic exercise is so beautiful and satisfying: a rich, wonderful array of endogenous, healthy, balanced substances), and I made nutrition very important.

Today, I am 100% a different human being and no longer identify even 1% with what I used to be. It's almost like I never was that, now. I learned important lessons, for moving forward, from it, but it has no part in me today, and that's exactly how I want it to be. I'm happier now, by magnitudes, than I ever was back then. And if you ever fall, pick yourself right back up, don't blame yourself, and move forward again.

Good luck and God bless

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People who are hardest on junkies are recovering addicts

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Absolutely true. We know how fucking pathetic it is..from the inside, not just how we hurt others outside.

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"You don't truly know someone else until you've walked a mile in their shoes..."

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I can relate with the repulsiveness of the drugs now. I think of them as poison now. Like Ajax or something. Thank you for the insight.

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That’s great and I’m happy for you—I love reading positive posts like this.

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Yeah, you guys really did help, i'm not making that up. I spend a decent amount of time on here. If I stayed with reddit like I did when I was using I would prob still be using. that site is so fuckign depressing. the left is literally brain dead and I was a fuckign heroin addict yet I can see how fucked up they are.

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Yea, people actually respond here with real feedback. Maybe you could start a subvoat for addicts.

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Watch out for the poppy tea sub they brought over here.

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How did you find this place to begin with?

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You love reading positive posts but you're a Voat user? This site is home to some of the most hate-filled, paranoid, racist, misogynist, angry people on the internet. (But I too congratulate GIIOST on being clean.)

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We may be "hate-filled, paranoid, racist, misogynist, angry people", but at least we're honest about it.

You'll still see that anywhere else on the Internet (see: Tumblr) or in real-life (see: Marxists), but they'll try to pretend that they're actually pure-hearted angels all the way through.

Here at Voat, we can openly recognize our own flaws, which makes us better able to call out the bullshit and better able to recognize the places where we do maintain some heavenly virtues (including, but not limited to, honesty).

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I will tread lightly and simply say, good on you and keep it up. If I can do it you can. 15 years now

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Time to reward all that hard work with a nice bump.

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haha, my relapses last years. go big or go home. bump lol, thats cute. :P thanks though :) haha I know its a funny joke. I wish I wasn't an addict so I could do that, but I can't 1 is to many and 1000 is never enough.

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Years long relapses?

Dang, you must've been super fun to party with back when you were cool.

Jokes aside good for you. I can't even even give up Diet Coke, like coke coke is prolly stupid hard. I'm sure your body will thank you, ya know, by like not dying and stuff.

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Kind of wish I could enjoy drugs more than I do, but it's just not happening. Still have some Oxycontin left from an eye infection a few years ago. Liked the relaxation, but just haven't quite gotten to the point where I want to feel that way 'now'. Same deal with the bottle of Amphetamine Salts.

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that was a really lame 'joke'

how about supporting your fellow brethren with something productive and useful, instead of some lame, bs 'joke' that speaks to his old self

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That's what upvotes are for. Surely they can be redeemed in the future.

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I read it as a sort of joke 'poke' at him to remind him not to become complacent.

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Your a dumb fucking cunt @Canada_is_gay! Useless twat I hope you have a fucking stroke on the shitter in a Denny's In Mexico! I would gladly take you ice fishing once your fucktard Oxygen thief!

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Don't down voat this guy ya'll. He doesn't like to joke about drugs cause it's apersonal situation for him. Ya see, his mother was a crack whore, who used to take it up the arse for rock money. One day some guy pulled out too quickly and she shat herself in the process. Some of the cum crap splattered into her twat an that got her el pregger wit this guy. And that's why he has shit for brains.

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God bless you. Congratulations. I found God, Jesus Christ, after quitting my booze addiction.

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Awesome Brother!

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Glad to hear there are a few Christians on voat, and not afraid of saying it either.

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Now if he can knock some sense into your head about trannies and flat earth you can rejoin society.

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You sound like a faggot

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God bless you.

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I misread the title at first and thought it said "I have a whole year OF drugs". I was like, I didn't think goats supported that kind of thing... Keep up the great work man. Also, ignore the haters. People don't know how to help others when they haven't been in their shoes, and wind up getting frustrated and blaming the victims for not changing. So keep spreading awareness and take care of yourself :)

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Good for you.

No sarcasm.

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