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Isn't it unlawful to ban flying the American flag?

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You are correct. Turns out this house was painted this way for a different reason.

The federal Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005, makes it illegal for a homeowners association to restrict homeowners from displaying the American flag on their property.

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If not it should be. I have a large flag hanging outside. I don’t give a shit if they fine me. It is not coming down.

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What the hell?! Sounds like his Homeowners Association needs some freedom

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Damn. .. . No love for Kenny Powers around here, huh?

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Homeowners associations are given a bad name and people are taught to despise them. You'll hear a plethora of reasons on why you MUST never live in one and must fight against them. Homeowner associations are ran by a group of homeowners (including yourself) and those homeowners can make whatever rules they want. The purpose of homeowner associations are to keep property values high.

Imagine you move into a nice house in a pretty decent neighborhood and for whatever reason [insert church/school/welfare fraud/kikes that keep pumping these foul creatures amongst us] a group of niggers somehow are able to afford the house next door. They quickly park all their broken cars all over the yard and stand outside saying, "muh dik" in their driveway at all hours of the night while their music is shaking your walls. You decide you want to sell your house, but now all the buyers that stop by see all the niggers in the house next store and run like Jews from the truth.

Without that homeowners association to help protect you from the nigger/spic/mudslime hordes moving in next door, what you'll end up with is a $500,000 (((home loan))) on a house you can't sell for $200,000.

Unless you plan on buying 100 acres in the country with a big fucking fence around your property, NEVER move into a neighborhood without a strong homeowners association. Protect yourself from the mud people. This is why Jews will constantly shit all over homeowners associations and you'll hear all these fabricated stories from (((concerned citizens))) talking about how terrible they are.

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the reason people don't like HOA's is because the people on the council are usually power tripping fuckwads with nothing better to do than enforce their petty power over neighbors.

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Some associations are like this, yes. Some are not . . .

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Good, at least someone has the balls to go out to your shitty nigger neighbor and tell them to turn off their fucking music, park their shit cars in the garage, mow their fucking yard and paint their fucking house. These are all good things. Just like America, great place, except for the pieces of shit who feel like rules and laws don't apply to them.

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Living in an area where you need a HOA is like having sex with people you need to wear a condom with.

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I knew a jew that was bitching about city ordinance on keeping property his neat. Later he joined a historic district hoa. I guess he saw an opportunity to troll the goys.

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Brother in law lives in one he is not allowed to park a boat or rv in his driveway, and he rarely ever muhdiks.

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Mine doesn't even allows RV's anywhere permanently on your property. You can only have them at your house for a week at a time and only during the summer months. Why? "But it's MUH property!" It's because if we didn't have this rule, a bunch of spics would move in, park an RV and rent it out to 2 or 3 other spic families. These are why these rules are created. And who wants people's shitty boats parked all over the street. It's a street not a marina.

Recently some beaners moved in and decided to raise fucking chickens, like this is some shithole country where you can't buy eggs for pennies at the grocery store. Now I have to listen to a rooster crowing every morning. Now we need a rule to eliminate this shit beaner practice. What next, spics cooking full pigs in their yards while blasting their womp, womp, womp music?

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What dumbass buys land that's part of an HOA?

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They're getting harder and harder to avoid. Just about any new construction will have one.

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You people live in some horrible areas.

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Absolute garbage.

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You are pretty much stuck with them if you want to live in a non minority area.

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I don't have one and ive never seen a non white on my road. Next.

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I think I remembered that news do you have an article about it? By any chance do you know what happen in the end with that guy?

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By any chance do you know what happen in the end with that guy?

Everybody clapped and he was unanimously elected HOA president on the spot. He also was given a free Bugatti Veyron and banged hot chicks half his age all day until he died from sex exhaustion. They gave him a State funeral and are getting ready to add his likeness to Mount Rushmore next to where Trump's likeness will be.

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criminally underrated

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I thought the title said Freedom From Tranny. Someday we may have freedom from both.

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He's somewhat like me....I would have painted (((their))) houses this way


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