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Why didn't the guy just use "Shlomo Goldbergenstein"?

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That's a solid user name though. I like yours as well

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The correct answer is, why not both?

On the left is while you're dating and before children.

On the right is after you've decided to have children.

All stages are equally thrilling. I still remember the moment I met my husband. The moment I realized I loved him. The moment I referred to him as my husband, and the thrill that went up my spine when he called me his wife. The excitement of deciding to make a baby... Having the baby, the love I felt when seeing him holding his first born, both of them skin to skin against his chest...

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On the left is while you're dating and before children.

On the right is after you've decided to have children.


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Good women don't look like the left.

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Other than wearing clothing that reveals a little too much, why not?

I'm in my mid thirties, but when my husband and I were dating I could hold my own against her. And if she's with you while wearing that under your blessing, it's not bad. I couldn't do it though, I don't like being looked at like I'm meat.

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Yeah. I definitely want what is on the right side. 14 words.

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I think that's a parody Jew name

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i think it is too, especially after i checked the profile

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The trick is to be so jaded that, when something true comes along, you're pleasantly surprised.

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Ya think?

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Am I missing something? Girl on the left is hot and single (?). One on the right is someone else's wife.

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Its supposed to be YOUR wife.

The choice isnt "pretty girl vs pregnant mom", its "bar skank vs a loving growing family"

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That's fair.

The beauty found in the picture on the right is only for the husband. You can appreciate it in some ways. But it's never going to be truly understood. And actually should be repulsive on some level to other men who are not scum.

Women in relationships are repulsive to me. That was not a natural trait it something I learned over time however. The pain you cause from adultery and the pain it causes you. Those are things learned over time.

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the point of the picture is to illustrate that it is more desirable to have a family than a thot.

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Get that nigger clicking bullshit out of here.

Whore, slut, etc. There are a number of words to use to describe a certain type of woman.

You chose some kind of nig slang, patna.

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Yes, you're fucking missing everything. It says what men WANT.

Men want a family, and not a thot.

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mortimor finklestein.

reminds me of one of my favorite goats...cant quite remember the name but always does good stuff....something sheklestein.

reminds me of this https://youtu.be/KBCUz0Ugdzc?t=180

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That's definitely not a real name

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