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Farrakhan say some crazy ass shit. but he also asks why christians have so much love for Jews, says Jesus came specifically to warn the Jews and not everyone since only the Jews going that far against god. He supports blacks getting educated, building communities and having families, he says the nation of islam should put america first and that african americans aren't africans, they're american and should work to build america. He says mental slavery, laziness, immorality and criminality are the biggest things holding down african americans and it looks to me like if you get past your initial OMG its muslims and realise these folks don't even face mecca, they have their own mecca and medina in the US and actually are more logical, pro america, pro business and growth and anti handouts than the average inner city negro raised on the democrat teat, you might come to appreciate these folks different and a even a little loony as they are.