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The most curious thing is that many Bolsheviks themselves came from "middle and upper class homes, most haven’t worked a single day in their lives". "Many of them [...] to linger[ed] around college so they can dabble in their pseudo-intellectual endeavors" and find new recruits.

It is surprising how many of the Bolsheviks actually were coming from the same groups that Bolsheviks targeted, and were "fighting oppression" without ever being oppressed for a single day.

It is scary to see how many similarities are shared by USA of today and Russia of 1908.

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True to a very large extent. Though it was much more complicated than that. Still, indeed, millions of Jews saw the Bolshevism as a vehicle and a weapon to rise to power and to gain revenge on those who had despised them for so long, and used it that way. Which eventually led to the Holocaust.


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The (((Bolsheviks))) targeted people who weren't (((them))). If you have power and you're not one of (((them))),they call you an oppressor because you're wealthy and that means you must have robbed someone. (((They))) actually believe this too cause that's how (((they))) got their wealth,so (((they))) assume that's how everyone else did it too.