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They still don't realize their hypocritical bullshit either. This nigger is raving about a time that no longer exist. These commies don't represent the working class but spoiled little brats who grew up in a sheltered private neighborhood without the subhuman garbage surrounding them, who grew up without so much as a hick-up along their path yet had such shit parents they fully trusted in the education system that fed them their Marxist ideology, completely sabotaging any chance of them becoming a functioning member of society. They grew up in middle and upper class homes, most haven’t worked a single day in their lives as they suck their parents dry. Many of them rack up tens of thousands in college debts just to linger around college so they can dabble in their pseudo-intellectual endeavors. The only adversity these fuckers ever faced was when they had to hear someone speak a opposite opinion to theirs, requiring their safe-space from the ‘literal triggering violent offending words’.

This nigger did exactly what these progressives (read name-branding: Communists) are severely against, he’s a misogynist against women as he’s saying they are inferior.

If the Bolsheviks of 1908 would encounter these degenerate faggotry scum, they would put a bullet in them, yet in that same breath these vile idiots worship them.

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You're wrong, something has changed: the average worker has much more access to facts about the eternal failure that is Communism.

Sure, union leaders are still largely a bunch of Marxists, but the recent Janus decision from the Supreme Court just gutted all public unions that try to compel obedience/payment from the workers.

Do you know why this old nigger is whining about the lack of non-whites at this Marxist "rally"? Because everyone else who might have fought alongside him either died from old age, died from some criminal shit, or turned their life around after being a stupidly-violent young adult: at the same time, every colored youth who he might have inspired/mentored either rotted in some Planned Parenthood dumpster, was killed by rampant gang violence, killed themselves to escape their broken family, got a real education/job, or had a better influence guiding them on the right path as a kid/teen/adult.

In essence, he's upset because he spent his life in an effort to "fight fascists and white supremacists, for the good of all my fellow niggers", and only now is he realizing that reality isn't matching up with his expectations, to the point that he probably thinks that he doesn't even have a legacy anymore (notice: both he and his wife attended the rally, but despite being old enough to have actively fought back in the 1960s-1970s, the nigger never even hints about any kids of his own). He's an old man stuck in a long-gone era, who is finding himself surrounded by children who never grew up, and is only able to diagnose his own problem when he sees it in others.


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The most curious thing is that many Bolsheviks themselves came from "middle and upper class homes, most haven’t worked a single day in their lives". "Many of them [...] to linger[ed] around college so they can dabble in their pseudo-intellectual endeavors" and find new recruits.

It is surprising how many of the Bolsheviks actually were coming from the same groups that Bolsheviks targeted, and were "fighting oppression" without ever being oppressed for a single day.

It is scary to see how many similarities are shared by USA of today and Russia of 1908.

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I really hope that steel worker he mentioned punching out fascists was laid off and replaced by an illegal, then drank himself to death.


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