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It probably took that guy maybe, what, an hour tops to write that essay? Yet in just that single hour consider the cognitive dissonance put into words. In one section he's criticizing weak guys, white people, and 110lb white girls for taking part. In the other section he's bitching that the movement isn't inclusive and open enough to all people's circumstances and white people didn't talk enough to black people.

These people are going to fold in on each other.

Also... yeah, it's a lot different than the 70s because back then you had maybe, what, 10,000 actual neo-Nazis across all of America? But since they've widened the definition to "Trump voter = fascist" you now have 65 million fascists out there. Good going, guys.


[–] Skyrock 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

In the 1970s the KKK was still active and relatively large, pissed off about recent the Civil Rights Act and still managed to kill people, like in the '79 Greensboro massacre. They were already losing their footing, but they were far from the tiny travesty filled with FBI agents and snitches that they are today.


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The KKK are leftists...


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There hasn't been a KKK since 1969, the same time of the last KKK lynching