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Hope you remembered the advice to bail ASAP too. No pump and dumps, no drunken hook ups, nothing. Fucking bail, block all methods of contact and avoid her like the plague on human existence she and her kids represent.

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This is the correct advice

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Agreed. Plus i consider the whole concept of the 'pump and dump' to be a poisonous concept. The only way to deal with a whore is to shun. To impregnate a whore is to continue the broken cycle she embodies.

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Surely once a comment has reached so many upvoats with no downvoats we induct it into natural law

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Voat was right again.


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Burn the coal, pay the toll.

One of the most important "education" white girls need to learn.

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but jewish women need to burn coal like a train!

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Burn the coal, society pays the toll.

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She prob has herpies too. It's such a shame she threw her life away because of white guilt, naivete, and (((programming))). But all have to live with our decisions.

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Coal burners usually have Herpes and Vaginal Warts. Guaranteed they've had black chlamydia multiple times.

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Skyrocketing black STD rates (dwarfing all other races) don't lie...

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I knew a couple coal burners in college who were literally aware of their herpes, and because of the shame/humiliation, wouldn't tell the guys they would bring home from the bar. I actually had to have cops called because one of these girls got violent with me for telling one of her hookups before he went into her bedroom. My girlfriend at the time happened to live with her and 2 other girls. I didn't go back there again. Who knows how many guys she infected.

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Break the conditioning. It's not about Voat being correct. It's about realizing how much you're lied to.

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Right, but for most of us, this is where we we're first educated. Its definitely that we have been lied to, but also, about learning the truth, and more importantly, how to think.

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I need more upvoats to give you.

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The kids are useless. They're half black. We shouldn't spend a dime trying to prop up those low-IQ degenerates.

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i wish the schools/society would figure that out.

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He will have a "dad" in prison.

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That kid is gonna need a defense lawyer.

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There is a reason why there are so many memes about how "/pol/ was right again".

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Data does not lie.

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I am going to look for a tshirt that says that.

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Do 3 overlapping bell curves with the centres at 65, 100, 120 IQ points and see how many people figure it out.

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Was she fat? Tattoos? Former hottie?

Any indication of being black pilled by practice?

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Most likely she identifies with blacks now and is vocal about black rights on social media, you know, for her kids.

In a way the allegiance makes sense, even liberal faggots will subconsciously want to shun and avoid her. Other nogs might be the only ones to put up with her now.

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You may be surprised at how much most blacks dislike mixed race kids. They aren't accepted as black since they are partly white and often get treated worse than darker skinned blacks. They especially dislike white women who have those kids. They blame them for stealing the good black men even if they aren't with them anymore.

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Or put up a knife to her throat again.

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