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Things were actually working out quite well under that system.

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Sexes. Don’t use ✡newspeak✡, EVER.

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Misinformation at the link

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Funny how much more efficient things are with a clear division of labor.

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Because it’s a system that God created

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Even the atheists used that system as well.

In fact everybody on earth used that system BEFORE white genocide started.

The whole "elimination of gender role/feminist movement" is tied with the white genocide agenda.

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Apart from doctors we are still under that system, we're just not supposed to talk about it.

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The really delicious fact that everyone seems to hate is that in the countries that have gone the furthest in equalizing the genders, differences in genders tend to express the most. Look at labor statistics for, say, engineers vs. nurses in the Scandinavian countries. If that doesn't suggest biological differences in temperament and preference, I don't know what does.

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And first ladies…. boys can be first ladies too… apparently

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Girls depend on boys for so much (not a dig) and boys find purpose in being depended on (also not a dig). A symbiotic relationship.

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But instead of a purposeful life of homemaking and raising the next generation women decided that cum dumpster > cubicle drone > dying alone and childless was a better path.

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They don't decide, they're taught. Fathers, protect your daughters

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Some of them decided to marry the gubmant.

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It's almost like they form a team or something....

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Everything boys did they did for girls. Add the chivalry movement into the mix that stayed with us so long, and you have western civilization; a place baby boomers as teenagers could hitchhike across in the tens of thousands without a care in the world.

If dumbass millenial girls ever figure out what liberal boomer women took from them, they'll go into shock and die.

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If dumbass millenial girls ever figure out what liberal boomer women took from them, they'll go into shock and die.

This is worth repeating.

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That generation, if you can picture humans as being drunks, was our bottoming out, our lowest level.

That generation will long be understood as the generation who's genders turned on each other.

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it's fucking beautiful...ying to the yang...

knowing our roles and never shutting our mouths...America...

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Yin Yang

That is all. Carry on good sir.

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You called?

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Ying is also correct.

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Looks like this might be satire? Or maybe not.


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Oh it is NOT fake. It is not sarcasm. We had things similar to this in the 60s, so this may be a holdover from the 60s in a less PROGRESSIVE state like in the Midwest or the South. This type of narrative was VERY common until the early 70s. Look at the earliest Dick and Jane books. Life was great in the 60s and early 70s.

E: I didn't watch much TV but there were NO female news anchors until the 70s. Men were men and girls were teachers and nurses until they married. Our role models were shows like The Rifleman. I am female and I remember pop culture. We also had very few women rock/music stars. All males except a few motown types. I guess my point is that famous people were mostly men. There were very distinct differences in the roles played out by men and women. And it was MUCH BETTER back then.

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Better times, better times indeed.

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They are describing reality not imagination.

There are real differences between men and women, and these differences lead to different choices of careers.

If a description of reality makes you angry, good. But try and understand why things are the way they are instead of just assuming everyone is exactly the same.

I would be fine with a Woman President, and I have flown with Woman Pilots. 2018.

But now the psychopaths have ruined the Presidency for Blacks. It will take decades before we run another Black President after Obama's Drone-Based Nobel Peace Prize.

And it should be clear as day that after what we all know about Hillary, it is very unlikely there will be a woman President in my lifetime, which is a shame. Hillary's disgraceful and epic corruption has set all women back a generation.

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I would be fine with a Woman Presiden

There is no good woman president.

Even south korea paid the toll for electing a woman. And the rest are shit, from Merkel to May to Arroyo to Thaksin's daughter, all shit.

When will people learn? We need strong based men like Trump, Orban, Putin to be president. No women, and no effeminate faggot like Trudeau or cuck like Macron.

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It takes an exceptional person to be a basically competent president, period.

Assuming the Government operates honestly and is not engaged in Intrinsic dick measuring contests - a Woman in the Oval Office would be an asset.

In Germany it didn't work because Merkel was bred for the UN Globalist generation who all died of old age and failure by now.

Sung or Soon or a whatever.. oh yeah Park - she was just a blood-plasma addict because the Koreans and Asian Women in general have a supernatural wish to maintain youth. Young blood is a hell of a drug. (Spoken in Rick James voice)

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Margaret Thatcher, here in the UK? The lefties hate her with a passion which is my main reason for liking her.

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I was around in the 70s and I don’t remember anything like that at all. The bra burners probably would have burned down any store selling such a thing.

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I was also around in the 70s and I do remember that image. Can't remember where I saw it, though. Book? Magazine?

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