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Of course they should.

But that would mean that trannies don't stand a chance against women, and that is against their agenda.

If they had swimsuit competition in Spain, the tranny man wouldn't have won.

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If they decide to remove looks why wouldn't any man be able to win even if he considers himself a man, it just becomes a talent/opinion competition.

Now having said that, the person in charge of the miss america need to accept her age and stop trying to look like the beauty pageant competitors.

"'I was thinking about the behavioral issues this can cause,' Summers, who hopes to visit as many children's hospitals during her tenure as Miss USA, said. 'These kids are in fight-or-flight mode...and they need individual care.'"

I'm ok with this hell I vote we help out that fight or flight mode book them a flight to go join their parents, why should they stay and go into a system that I have to pay for because some illegal folks fucked while trespassing? If I take my two dogs onto your property and they fuck then I and my dogs have to leave because we are trespassing why should you have to take care of the puppies seems like that would be mine and my dogs issue.

If she wants to be political and take a risk parrot something from voat, not from the cnn front page.

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You're dumb. All of them are transgender you fool. None of them have female bodies.

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This is just proof of the slow encroach of islamification in America

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https://archive.fo/lMRUw :

New Miss USA says beauty pageants should keep swimsuit competitions because they are 'empowering' | Daily Mail Online

'The newly crowned Miss USA says she wants beauty pageants to retain swimsuit competition. ', "I'm proud of my body. 'In June, the Miss America Organization, which is not affiliated with Miss USA, announced it would not be keeping the swimsuit or evening gown competition.", "And she said she's not shy when it comes to talking about politics, especially when it comes to President Donald Trump, who owned the the Miss USA pageant from 1996 to 2015.", "Sarah Rose Summers, 23, who received her crown in May 2018, said she believes the competition is empowering. 'I respect other companies' decisions, but I love the [swimsuit] competition - it's a tradition,' Summers told The New York Post. 'It's one of the most empowering moments.", "Summers said the administration's immigration policy of separating all children from their parents, who crossed the Mexico-US border illegally, concerned her."

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Fake blond with the figure of a 10 year old boy... why aren't there any truely feminine looking contestants any more?

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Can you imagine the jewish cum they all drank to get to where they are?

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Swimsuit aspect shows off how they're all trandgenders!