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Dude, his wife is Taiwanese, so he'll be spawning yellow mutts.

That ain't gonna help in the "blue eyed blonde little girl" going extinct situation. Not that I wouldn't do tasty half white half yellow girls but still (I would do any half breeds not tainted with the subsaharan gene, though, so not that picky).


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Asians are very similar to whites especially when raised in the West. You are better off with an Asian woman than someone from south of the border if you value intelligence in your children. It's nice to end up with blond babies and I would like to see the continuation of the Germanic - English genetics but life is what it is. I would rather see you guys marry whites if you find the right girl but hispanic women are usually good people so that's another option. Also, maybe there are decent eastern Europeans who are looking for a good life and not just looking for money. I don't care if you end up with a black woman if you must, just FIND SOMEONE AND HAVE AMERICAN CHILDREN. Raise them to be like whites, with promise and dignity, and Homeschool them if you can. Make us proud. Their race is not their destiny if you do it right. It would be harder to raise them right if they look black and you're in a city, so you'd have to find a way out of that situation. I don't recommend blacks and whites having children because the kids don't fit into either world, but it's your life. Have kids be happy.


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I agree with you until you mentioned "dont care if you end up with nigress" part.

No, we don't need more ugly mutts around.

One thing that must be prevented at all cost is everybody becoming mudskin. Securing the existence of attractive females, is of utmost importance. Imagine yourself living in a world where all potential mates are black/browns. It's pretty bad. Whites miscegenating with yellows do not cause this problem and therefore it is far more acceptable.