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And when you say reproducing you should state that having two kids and stopping will not help. Have lots if kids. Big families are awesome.


[–] Workman 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago  (edited ago)

A good baseline is four, and then any more children you have, you should try to have in multiples of 2. One and two children aren't enough to combat the demographic decay, and if you have an odd number of children, the one in the middle will suffer from "middle child" syndrome, being neither the eldest nor the youngest of the family.


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Four is better than two. More is even better. I don't think you realize that we are in a war and the future belongs to demographics. While so,e people are trying to erase our borders and bring in unlimited invaders, there are those of us who want Americans to fuck like bunnies and have lots of patriotic children. Stop being polite folks! Get fucking!