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It's funny that, if a black man calls cops racial slurs, and is charged with a hate crime, the ACLU cries foul.

But, if a white man calls a black man a nigger, and is charged with a hate crime, the ACLU doesn't bat an eye.

Hypocrisy is neat!

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This was exactly the point I came in to make. You've already done it so it appears it's a pretty obvious take-away from the article.

[–] MedievalRepublicans 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago 

“Nazi” is a racial slur?

Thats all you get from this?

You bootlickers suffer from cognitive bias.

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I don't believe in "hate speech", but yes.....the way that the term, "Nazi", is used is as a racial slur.

"Nazi" is now used as an ethnic slur against whites. Bolshevik Jews and SJWs have campaigned hard to make it into an ethnic slur, so it became what they intended.

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You tell em, Moshe. Hate crimes are for GOYEM ONLY.

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isn't it?