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Our government subsidizes breeding of niggers and spics. What do you expect.


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i wonder how much longer whites are going to fund their own destruction without resistance?


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I wonder why more hackers don't sabotage those monthly welfare benefits?


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Oh, I don't know, there's also Europe.


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How Welfare, Immigrants, and Invaders Brought Us The Chip

EBT is a card. Cards can be handed off and a pin given as money. It's even better than money in a way because you have control over it and when the time comes for it to fill, you just cash it in at a machine. I always wondered about strip clubs that took ebt. Right? No cameras around and they pinch you a little for the privilege of being a pimp/dealer/shark/hustler/entrepreneur/con/excon/thief/grifter/preacher/cop and having a discreet place to cash out.

I digress.

Cards can be and will be exploited. The Chip(TM) will provide an elegant solution to this. The chip will be melded to your DNA where it can be augmented but the core of it will be identification, banking and financial transactions. It will be Uber Crypto(TM) as well. You will be able to use an app to 'handshake' transactions. The flat tax laws we enable will set the economy free and bring in a massive surplus of revenue off of ALL transactions. Some will question this because crime will use it, but it will have to be a crime that doesn't attract attention, thus calling for an AI to investigate.

AI. The Incorruptible(TM) Law and Order is right up the path of all robotics and AI. Don't worry, it's not allowed to hurt, or allow to be hurt any human. "That is the job of humans, to detain or eliminate with violence other humans." -The First.

Welcome to the Future, smoking or non smoking? Oh I'm joking, it's all non smoking, except weed is now legal. Yeah, I thought you'd find that ironic.


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An $800 iphone bought under a 2 year contract for $20 a month. Yeah... Only in America.


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Bullshit, see below.... or above, I’m not very popular.


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This is bullshit in so many ways.

For one people on food stamps likely got a second hand phone for free that someone else traded in.

If it IS a new phone, well $800 is a lot of money, but its a one time thing and still way less than an car or apartment or even a computer.

And a smartphone gives access to the internet and the ability to search and apply for jobs.

People are scum and will take advantage of all manner of good things.

That doesn't stop them from being good things.

Oh also when you're stuck in the poverty trap you aren't ALLOWED TO SAVE or INVEST or BETTER YOURSELF in ANY WAY. Other than buying overpriced consumer goods and having a lot of stuff but never being allowed to get ahead.


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Its easy to live well. I make shit money. Managers at McDonalds make more than i do but i dont spend it on bullshit.

I have a neighbor that is in a similar boat as me financially. Hell i'm pretty sure he makes more than I do. The difference is he spends all of his money on booze and weed. He constantly complains about not having money and is always behind on his rent. He currently owes me $100.

How do i magically pay for my own food with money to spare? I dont drink, l dont smoke, I buy clothes at thrift stores and take care of them, I dont eat out. I buy food in bulk, I could go on, but the short version is: I make responsible decisions.

There is no poverty trap. There's stupid people who make stupid decisions.


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You misunderstand the concept.

I'm talking about people on government handouts to survive. People on social security or welfare have a very hard time because they are not allowed to keep more than a hundred or two dollars in any form at any time or risk losing everything.

And for someone like me that is disabled and would love to get on ssdi and then wisely use that money to get off of it and become financially independent it really sucks.


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Fuck, poorfag!

I say that with maximum respect, mind you. I do still remember what it is like to be poor, the dotcom bubble bursting was hard on many of us. And your resolve and skill to make due with very little is impressive and admirable.


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Bullshit. I ran a register serving just exactly these shitbags. Brand new smartphones and EBT cards all night long. Fuck off


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Please tell me how much are you allowed to have in savings before they take away your benifts you're currently surviving off of?

How can I invest if I'm good and don't waste my money on bullshit so I can not be stuck in this trap.

I really want to know because I haven't found a way yet.


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And a smartphone gives access to the internet and the ability to search and apply for jobs

So they have even less of an excuse to be bums?

People are scum and will take advantage of all manner of good things. That doesn't stop them from being good things

Sure but when it's the majority of people using them, maybe it's time to question if they are good things.

Oh also when you're stuck in the poverty trap you aren't ALLOWED TO SAVE or INVEST or BETTER YOURSELF in ANY WAY

Citation very much needed buddy. I grew up well under the poverty line and we still had money in stocks. Not much but I'd say that counts as investing.


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I'm talking about being on social security or welfare and foodstamps. Along with other housing programs and the like.

There are all strict regulations on how much cash you are allowed to have in savings.

One particular one I was survivng off was giving me a tiny bit over $100 a month. But had to have less than $200 in total assets.

Thankfully the fine print exempted insurance settlements , and unfortunately the program crashed and ran out of cash before I could inquire what I was supposed to do if I won my case and got back pay.

The language said you can't have more than $200 in an account.. .so am I supposed to have a deccade long battle with disability worth of money sitting around the house?

No wait you aren't allowed to have cash either ... well fuck me I'll put it in a savings account .. oh can't do that.

Um ... stocks ? bonds ? Nope those are also forbidden.

I'm not smart enough to figure this stuff out and I would bet I'm smarter than half the people who are living off this shit. (At least I was before the brain damage).


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Found the welfare monkey.


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I'm disabled. I got hurt on the job. My fate is that of anyone who has an on the job accident and ends up crippled for life.

If I could work. At ALL. AT ANYTHING. I would.

You guys give conservatives a bad name. And I'm all for gassing Jews who deserve it.