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Msrp is to ensure you don't get totally fucked.

If you research a power saw for instance and the manufacturer says the msrp is $60 and your local shop sells it for $120...

You should see the problem it solves I hope.

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OP doesn't seem to understand that a free market can cheat customers if they don't have any reasonable indication of the value of an item. The MSRP gives customers some idea of what the cost of the materials and labor that went into making the item so you can judge the worth of it. It's not a perfect system by any means but it is certainly better than having no benchmark at all and unknowingly paying outrageous markups from retailers who seek to gouge customers because they have no reference for prices.

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This is why car dealerships charge ass rapingly high prices to fix your car these days. It's impossible to over charge on the car itself because people can compare prices online.

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This is one place i fucking love the samsung store (walked past it many times.over the years and laughed at people packing in to buy brand new phones....)

Samsungs RRP for a screen replacement - $280AUD. Go through all of the third party repair places in the same shopping centre. Repearedly quoted at $400 and told (despite showing them the website) that samsung would never ever honour that or do it that cheaply.

Went to samsung.

Samsung charged me $220 and did the job overnight in the store. Theyve factored in the part replacement, a full hours pay for a reasonably paid technician, and profit and those fucking other motherfuckers want to earn almost 250 on top of that for LESS work, NO warranty outside of the specifical part repair, NO followup support, NO official OEM training and NO ability to do a real job.

So yeah MSRP/RRP is so.fucken shitbirds that make up 99.999% of retailers and repairers are unable to flat up rip cunts off and provide a yardstick as to the true value of a repair or an item.

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MSRP helps smaller retailers survive in the age of Amazon and Walmart. If it didn't exist, you'd be giving even more money to the assholes like Bezos and the Walton kids.

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It also stops people being blatantly ripped off by those same smaller retailers who would be the first to raise the prices through the roof if msrp wasnt a thing.

Take my.country... a lit of big country towns with nothing between them.

No MSRP means a telstra store in the middle.of melbourne with 50 other electronics stores around it might xharge you $1000 for a phone with a $950 rrp, the store next to it might charge $1050 and give you free stuff, next store might chage the $950 and you get nothing but the phone.

Go.to bendigo with one phone store - same phone, same network, same country, same state, double the price for the handset because no competition, no one in town knows what theyre meant to be worth, no competition, and if you think any retailer will look at something and NOT charge as much as they can for it youre retarded.