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Agreed this is pretty obvious. The vast majority of them have been pampered rich boys born of psychos and raised by psychos.

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You can leave out the word capitalists and still be correct.

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It even says in the founding book of modern capitalism that capitalists are supposed to be stewards of wealth and manage it in societies best interests. Their wealth isnt about a private fortune they can do whatever they want with. It is a trust. Much like noblesse oblige but without all the bowing and scraping expected from the peasants.

Capitalism was supposed to be a higher kind of equality but instead it has become about exploiting labor. The reason? We stopped murdering rich people.

We need to bring that back. We need a few richers burned to death in their mansions with all the exits blocked. Then those motherfuckers would take workers seriously again.

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They're not freaking out because they feel guilty, they're freaking out because they are guilty of one thing or another and realize they are going to be exposed.

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I am pretty sure the left is freaking out because the child sex slave / sacrifice-andrenochrome blood supply is being shut down by Trump actually arresting pedoscum and the illegal bean nigger invasion.

Could just be the wind though, hard to tell.

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You dont have one single shred of actual evidence for this claaim do you?

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I sometimes wonder how communists can defend their soul crushing meat grinders that have claimed hundreds of millions of their citizens. And then I see something like this and remember you're retarded cause that's the only kind of person who believes the bullshit PR campaign of the commies.

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I don't believe in communism for one second. I'm talking about how sociopath assholes are running humanity into the ground at the cost of human lives.

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Yeah,that's what sociopaths do. Then they created an ideology based on it and called it communism. And then made up a bunch of bullshit about how capitalism sucks. As their people starve and the capitalists feast on the fruits of their labors.

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You thought wrong, then. I mean, it all started with chasing the natives away, didn't it?