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There is too much permissiveness in our society when it comes to individual beliefs. It's become acceptable to hold entirely un-American views. People can reject the Bill of Rights, or parts of it, and be "entitled to their opinion." Then they can allow their ignorance/rejection of American values to inform their voting habits.

If our culture cared about preserving the strength of our nation, people who think any degree of abrogation of our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights is acceptable would be ostracized to the same degree that pedophiles are. No one thinks pedophiles "have a right to their opinion." They see them as disgusting monsters and treat them accordingly.

If American values of individual liberty and accountability as well as limited government were the only acceptable views to hold, we'd still have a federal government too small to do anything other than fulfill its Constitutional mandates and an economy so healthy we'd be enjoying one of the highest standards, if not the highest standard, of living in the world as well as a population so overwhelmingly white that despite having more guns than anywhere else in the world, our violent crime rates would be among the lowest.

We don't have this, though, because people aren't required to be Americans anymore. All thanks to jews and the brainwashed Christians who let them in.


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You say that no one thinks pedophiles have a right to their opinions. That's not true. Jews think that. Cocksucking jews


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Baby Cocksucking jews


And right you are. Have an upvoat.


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No one thinks pedophiles "have a right to their opinion"

Ever heard of Mr. Podesta? Or Uncle Joe Biden?


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Perhaps I should have said:

No non-pedophiles think pedophiles "have a right to their opinion."