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The problem with America today is jews.

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Here's the evidence.

We could also talk about the capped by law tuition for Jews going to universities in Israel. $2,890, really makes you think about all those Antifa puppets out protesting because the Jewish bank loaned them $100,000 to go to a Jew college and leave with no discernable skills. Even worse, they trained these cucked fools to go out and protest against anyone speaking up against the vile Jew, even though their situation is the direct result of the vile Jew and not the people they are attacking.

Even more reason to hate the vile Jew,



We don't just hate them for no reason. "Hitler did nothing wrong" is the truest statement ever spoken.

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Honestly, if I became a leader of a country I would do a full land invasion on Israel forcing all of the Israelis outside the country.

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Fuck homeless niggers and spics.

According to Statista, there were estimated to be 260,979 white homeless citizens in 2017. Divide 3.8 billion by that and each white homeless citizen gets $14,560 annually.

However, this statistic takes white (((single mothers))) and (((them))) into account. Actual whites and not degenerate moms and kikes would get more.

Also fuck veterans, that is what they get for fighting Israel's wars.

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The major parties are turning into pro-White and anti-White parties. It’s only logical that this would divide the people.

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Seems more like it's becoming male vs female to me.

Edit: linked to some reference material.

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Not sure if I agree with you. Mind elaborating?

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Most Republicans are not pro-white. They're controlled by the jews

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That's just because most repubs aren't "repilled" (I sort of hate this term now, it's kind of cringey) enough to know what's really going on.

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White vs non white, male vs female, straight vs gay, conservatism vs progressivism. The main problem is the oppressive govornment not all of these petty small scale problems.

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The major parties are turning into pro-White and anti-White parties

That's a good way of putting it.

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There is too much permissiveness in our society when it comes to individual beliefs. It's become acceptable to hold entirely un-American views. People can reject the Bill of Rights, or parts of it, and be "entitled to their opinion." Then they can allow their ignorance/rejection of American values to inform their voting habits.

If our culture cared about preserving the strength of our nation, people who think any degree of abrogation of our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights is acceptable would be ostracized to the same degree that pedophiles are. No one thinks pedophiles "have a right to their opinion." They see them as disgusting monsters and treat them accordingly.

If American values of individual liberty and accountability as well as limited government were the only acceptable views to hold, we'd still have a federal government too small to do anything other than fulfill its Constitutional mandates and an economy so healthy we'd be enjoying one of the highest standards, if not the highest standard, of living in the world as well as a population so overwhelmingly white that despite having more guns than anywhere else in the world, our violent crime rates would be among the lowest.

We don't have this, though, because people aren't required to be Americans anymore. All thanks to jews and the brainwashed Christians who let them in.

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You say that no one thinks pedophiles have a right to their opinions. That's not true. Jews think that. Cocksucking jews

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Baby Cocksucking jews


And right you are. Have an upvoat.

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No one thinks pedophiles "have a right to their opinion"

Ever heard of Mr. Podesta? Or Uncle Joe Biden?

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Perhaps I should have said:

No non-pedophiles think pedophiles "have a right to their opinion."

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Republicans are Americans. Democrats are Soviet Union, Venezuelans, or Cubans. Enemies of the state. Infiltrators.

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If you actually think this, you've got a lot of sand over your head yet. Keep digging.

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We've become Republicans and Hamas. The Democrats are dead.

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FUCK THIS MIDDLE GROUND BULLSHIT. We ain't "muh 'murricans" you are either 4 the salvage of the west from the multicultural wreckage left by unchecked zionism or you are a librul that gets the gas, period. Joos want us to complicate things in order to slow us down, ree.

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All I see is a Red Star of David vs. a Blue Star of David colliding over BiBi Netanyahu's Purple Star....of David...

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I think that most, if not all, Americans don't know what either is nor what each and every party represents.

I've seen "republicans" calling for the end of welfare and entitlements while staunchly demanding that no one touch their Social Secuirty. I've seen "democrats" demanding fair and equal treatment all while defending affirmative action hiring practices. I've seen "libertarians" calling for government enforcement of private trade.

What I think is that America and the people in it, are selfish, self serving pieces of shit who "think" they know something but really don't.

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